13 inch 500w single shaft geared motor for wheelbarrow

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  • Model: WB13H(KN6135FS)
  • Price: USD165

13 inch single shaft/mono shaft 24v-36v-48v 500w-1000w off road geared hub motor for wheelbarrow, it is geared motor, revresible. It can be used for electric wheelbaorrows, mobilities, wheelchairs, agriculture tractors and so on. We also have the same power and speed dual shaft 13 inch fat tire geared motor.

Motor: 13 inch Brushless Geared single shaft hub Motor
Hallsensor: YES (5 hall sensor wires)
Brake type: e braking
Motor wheel size( include the tire): 13 inch off road tubeless air tire
Tire Model: 13×5-6 Vacuum tire(330mm diameter)
Max Torque: 80 N.M
Rated power : 500W-1000w
Rated voltage :24/36V/48V
No-load current: <1.5A
pole pairs: 10
gear ratio:1:5
Speed : (48v 220RPM)7-15km/h
Load Weight: 100kg-150kg
motor weight with tire : about 5kg

Optional: 1024 lines encoder, temperature sensors. available upgrade: max 100N.m, different shaft, disc brake version.

13 inch off road tire motor

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