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PU tire 6 inch geared motor
  • Model: KK6PU
  • Price: USD145

Max 50N.m reversible low speed solid PU tire 6 inch geared hub motor. The motor is a very durable 6 inch high torque geared hub motor, it can work under 30A current from 24v-48v battery, please noted the default version rated voltage is 24v 6km/h, if you use on 36v or 48v battery, it brings you more power and torque but also higher speed. It is better to ask to customize the motor speed for you. The motor is ok to make as single shaft motor and add a thermal sensor.

If you need a bigger high torque hub motor, that is 100nm or higher, we also have them in geared and gearless motors.

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Item:KK6PUDesign:Brushless hub motor
Voltage:12V 24V 36V 48VElectric motors:Brushless dc motor
Tire type:Solid RubberColour:Silver
Structure:Permanent MagnetTorque:10~50Nm
Rated voltage:12/24/36/48VRated Power (Watts):65-180/180-250/250-350/250-500
Speed:5-25km/hSpeed (RPM):100-300rpm
Wheel type:Aluminium materialScope of application:Scooter,Recreational vehicle,Electric bicycle
Length:152mmNet Weight (Kg):2.9
Gross Weight (kg):3.2Effectiveness:75-86%
Production:Jiangsu ChinaRim size: 6 inch
Product Features: Waterproof,Totally Enclosed Small volume, light weight, large torque, high efficiency, stable performance, cost-effective superior

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A high torque hub motor is an electric motor that is integrated into the hub of a wheel, providing direct power transmission to the wheel. This type of motor is designed to provide high levels of torque, which is the rotational force that is used to move heavy loads or accelerate a vehicle quickly.

High torque hub motors are commonly used in electric bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and other small electric vehicles. They can also be found in industrial applications, such as conveyor belts, forklifts, and robotics.

The main advantage of high torque hub motors is their efficiency. Traditional motors require a chain or belt to transmit power to the wheel, which can result in energy loss due to friction. High torque hub motors, on the other hand, provide direct power transmission, making them more efficient and resulting in increased range and reduced energy consumption.

Another advantage of high torque hub motors is their simplicity. By integrating the motor into the wheel hub, all additional components required for power transmission, such as a chain or belt, are eliminated. This results in a simpler and more streamlined design, reducing maintenance requirements and potential failure points.

High torque hub motors can come in a variety of designs, including brushed and brushless DC motors, as well as AC induction motors. They can also have different methods of generating torque, such as permanent magnet or wound rotor designs.

Overall, high torque hub motors are an important component of many electric vehicles and industrial applications, providing increased power and acceleration, improved efficiency, and a simplified design.

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  1. Hello,
    I couldn’t find in the technical details the maximum load (weight) the motor can accept ?
    Thank you in advance,

  2. Hello, I am designing a scooter which needs to reach max speed of 10km/h and the torque required on the drive wheel is about 18-20 Nm. The wheel needs to be under 170 mm in diameter.Is this the right model to choose.Or else,do you have any other model to suggest?

  3. Hello, where can I find connection/pinout documentation for this wheel?
    I want to know hall a b c colors and motor u v w colors.

  4. If I order this motor in the 6Km/h version, is the change from 12Km/h done with a gearing change, or electrically? Will the torque double if the top speed is cut in half?

    Thank you

  5. Dear Sirs, for an education projekt with our students we search a 6-inches wheel hub motor where we want use under torque control. We want develop an autark vor Modell. Do you have an (Single achsis?) wheel hub motor for this application? Do you habe a available controller application? Trank for detailled Information

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