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  • Model: MXES06050P(MX-S-ES24)
  • Price: USD79

Motor controller manual download: MXES060050P-W328-XXX-manual-2.

The programming software download link: For windows 7, windows 10, windows 11.

If the USB driver does not work, please download the newest from this link 

Controller software installtion error solution.

MXES sine wave controller(FOC), which can control motor running slow speed with high torque, controling via UART and we can also add RS485 to it . It has mainly features as follows:

  1. auto check the motor data

MXES can quickly detect motor data and march motor running in less than 2 minutes.

  1. auto compute control parameters

MXES can auto compute control parameters according to different motors.

  1. auto march phase order

MXES controller can easy get motor phase order to march motor, only need to un-plug the hall sensors connector and re-plug it, or power the controller first and then plug hall sensors connector.Then the controller will auto get the motor hall sensors information and save the data.

  1. controller temperature control

MXES controller can monitor cpu and MOSFET temperature and control them working at a safe arange.

  1. motor temperature control(not all controller has this function

MXES controller can measure the motor resistance and compute motor temperature. If the motor too hot,controller will power off automatically.

  1. drive motor without hall sensors

MXES can drive a motor with no hall sensors.

  1. 6 control ways

1.E-bike mode:control speed via throttle.PAS function.

2.e tricycle mode: control speed via throttle,and has reverse function.

3.e car mode: control speed via throttle, and it needs activating forward/reverse switch.

4.elevator: control speed via up/down switch button.

5.joystick: when the joystick at the center, motor stops. Joystick moves to control speed and running direction.

6.UART: control motor speed and direction via data from UART port.

1、cruising2、e braking3、EMB braking
4、forward/reverse5、controller protection6、motor protection
7、signal fault checking and protection8、fault alarm9、programming

The controller’s speed control mode with our 4 inch geared hub motor video:

19 responses to “sine wave programming 200w-1000w bldc motor controller”

  1. And one more question.
    In run/connected mode MX-S-ES24 MX25 v2 on 36v and motor connected i get only some 16kHz pwm on S signals. What is there?
    Thank for informations.

  2. Hello,
    i have mx25 v2 from local distributor on 36v and i try to test Serial communication.
    I have no response for all baudrates and in programm too.
    controller is OK, work good.
    I try to commect only 5v and GND and tx and rx with ftdi chip to computer but there is nothing received.
    i need to build only simple voltage and current and speed monitor with arduino and lcd display.
    Could you provide a description of the UART communication protocol used to communicate with the controller (baudrate, message format, etc.) for me too?
    Thank you much.

  3. Hi Tony,
    I am trying to programme my controller but I can’t see the “Motor Stop ID” or the “Data Updata” buttons on my computer screen, even if I maximise or minimise the screen. Can you help me?

  4. In “joystick” mode, is it possible to connect two motor controllers together to enable turning (similar to electric wheelchair)?

  5. I’m interested in controlling your YQ-6 motor with this controller using the UART function but not from your PC software but from an in-house specific application.
    Is this possible?
    Could you provide a description of the UART communication protocol used to communicate with the controller (baudrate, message format, etc.)?

  6. Hello Tony,

    I am using this controller to run the M3PT hub motor, in speed mode. Even when I give reference zero, the motor is actively powered and does not free wheel. The configuration is as follows:
    1. Acceleration: 200%
    2. Deceleration: 200%
    3. E-brake: 0%

    Could you please let me know as to how I can completely disable the motor such that it freewheels when 0 reference is given?

    • The concontroller is updated with auto brake function, the E braking is set default and can not be adjust. If you do not need this function, we ned to remark the firmware for you.

  7. Hello,

    Is there a block diagram of the internals of this controller? I am trying to understand how it works. Do you have something like this that could be sent? It doesn’t need to be very specific, just looking for how the main components are connected.

    Thank you

  8. I will have (2) of the YQ-6 geared motors @36v /350w each for dual-drive, can I drive both motors with (1) controller or do I need to use (2) independent controllers?

  9. Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to make different speed modes with this controller like eco, normal, sport mode!? if yes, how it is possible to switch between modes.. via an analog switch?

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