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30a programmable motor controller
  • Model: MX25V2(MX-S-SW24)
  • Price: USD59

  1. it is ok to work with 24v,36v,and 48v battery. one controller accepts muilt voltage.(it is also ok to customize 60v or 72v version)
  2. the max continious current is 20-30A, it is ok to drive 500w to 1000w brushless dc motor
  3. max phase current 50A.
  4. functions:horn switch,regen braking,reverse,cruising switch,power switch.
  5. the controller is programmable, with our software to computer, you can change the controller data, like current, voltage, speed, and so on.
programming brushless motor controller

Programming sofware download link: MX650_programming_for_window_32bit MX650_programming_for_window_64bit

General programming instruction:MX programming manual

Controller software installtion error solution.

21 responses to “progammable 24v-48v 30a bldc controller”

  1. Is it possible to use a tachometer with this driver? Can the hall sensors be read by other equipment and still work properly?

  2. Hi Tony
    Once you have successfully loaded the parameters on the controller, how do you apply current to module to spin motor. I have USB hooked up and want to drive with computer. The instructions allude to being able to do this but there is no explanation how. Can you advise?

  3. Hello.
    I plan to build some arduino voltage, current and speed monitor.
    I connect ftdi usbtoserial converter and 5v to MX-S-ES24 mx25 v2 controller.
    I have nothing received on all baudrates.
    Could you please provide to me UART serial protocol how to read?
    In live mode connected S signals i get only some pwm 16kHz signal. What is this pwm?
    Controller is good and powerfull only i know no why is some limiter programmed by local distributor i can not get more as 25-30km/h with 36v 14Ah Battery and 750W rear wheel.
    Thank for all informations.

  4. Hello, how much does transport to the Czech Republic cost? Does it work without PAS connection? Is a USB cable included? Thank you

  5. I wouldblike more info on ordering 1 of these controllers & shipped to the USA California how much would it cost THANX

  6. Hi Tony,
    On my controller MX25V2 i see 3 pins named PAS.
    Please, where can i buy the PÄS sensor to put on these pins ?

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Tony,
    On the controller MX25V2, is it possible to directly set the speed with a switch on PAS pins ? (without programming by PC)
    Thank you.

    • If you have PAS , you can add the PAS sensor to the controllers pins. For the Programming cable, we do not have a buying link, please contact us via email to buy the USB cable.

      • Hi Tony, Thank you for your reply.
        I only have PAS 3 pins on the controller. But i do not have any PAS sensor.
        Please how can i obtain it ?
        Thank you.

  8. Ok so I have a Zi You Ji GUANG 12″ 250w ebike…can I get a 36v 500w system also what controller and throttle do I need if any thank you.
    Will this get to 20mph or do I need to go to 48V thanks

  9. Dear Sir,
    I like to buy the USB cable for programming the controller MX25V2
    What is the price and delivery time?

    kind regards

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