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  • Model: MX-WCDCS24
  • Price: USD160

24v,36V, and 48V sine wave(foc) electric wheelchair motor controller, a new tidy compact powerful brushless motor joystick controller. It works for dual power EMB electric wheelchair motors. Now we have upgraded the controller can auto read motors data by PC programming software to let motors easy to work with our controller.

If you cannot find the right connectors to march our controller motor cables, you could cut off the cable connector and find the motor cables as this: thick yellow, blue, green cables are motor phase cable; thin red,black,yellow,blue,green are hall sensors cable; thin gray and white are emb braking cable.

dual drive electric wheelchair joystick controller wire explanation

Max continious current: 40A, working voltage 18V-60V, USB port for cell phone charging.

Download the following programming software and noted to turn off your PC anti-virus software first.

dual drive electric wheelchair joystick
e wheelchair dual drive joystick controller
dual drive electric wheelchair joystick controller size

1.video shows how to download and install the programming software

2. electrict wheelchair joystick controller first time programming to get motor data and drive motors video instruction as follows:

3. how it work when you see from the view of programming window as follows

20 responses to “24v-36v 40A electric wheelchair joystick controller”

  1. I also have the issue of not being able to save the data after motor ID. after motor ID completes all buttons are not clickable. Sounds like this issue was never solved. Stay away from this controller.

  2. I have tried to program the wheelchair joystick controller, but it did not work.
    Most likely reason is that the screen for the parameter settings is incomplete. The lower line with the buttons “Stop motor ID” and “Data Update” are missing. As a consequence I cannot save the motor data to the controller and cannot continue with “Hall ID”. There seems to be something wrong with your Download of the software.
    Please help me, Piet Noordzij

  3. Hi , I am trying to programme my controller with the MXES_WCDCS_ ProgramV2.2 but I can’t see the “Motor Stop ID” or the “Data Updata” buttons on my computer screen, even if I maximise or minimise the screen. Also when i try to do the Hall ID config, as soon as i move the joystick i get a “Connect Busy” message on the “Operation Status: ” display. Can you tell me how to fix this please.

    • try to use the download button to save the data and when it get connect busy message, you need to click connect button to connect the controller with computer again.

      • It won’t let us download the data after “Motor ID” has gone through its cycle as the download button is unclickable. We downloaded the software and also Don’t have “Save the data” or “Stop motors” buttons. Is there by chance a mistake with the software given on the website where downloading that software app doesn’t give us the full version?

  4. Hi there,
    I am interested in this controller but I need a separate control for Speed and a separate control for direction.
    Is this something you can offer?

  5. I would like to use this controller for a four wheel drive scootmobile. This means that on each side two motors have to be controlled. Is this possible or do I need extra items?

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