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  • Model: MXES060120(MX-M-ES60)
  • Price: USD155

This 50A sine wave controller is ok to work with 24v to 60v batteries. You can adjust the current or voltage by proramming the controller data. Max continous current 50A, max phase current 120A.

Multi control for the motors, like speedcontrol,torquecontrol.  With pure speed control, you twist the throttle and it feeds more voltage at the maximum current it can do.  With pure torque control, you twist the throttle a bit, and it adds more current, turning the motor harder.   You may refer to here the difference between speed control and torque control.

programming sine wave controller
50a sine wave controller wires diagram

Download the programmable software from the following link, it is recommended to close your computer anti-virus software first. The software only run on windows systerm, like windows 7, windows 10 and windows 11.

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    • What controllers are u using now have u tryed the sinewave controllers yet I have 3000 watt hub motors dual and my gunai controllers don’t like my battery for some reason

  1. Where is the software available? Is it possible to get the source code for it as well (for to make a custom display/dashboard) ?

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