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2 directions control E bike throttle

Multi functional electric bike hall sensor twist throttle

Price: USD20

Model number: 170X


Two-way handle control forward and backward functions

Durable ebike half twist throttle, forward and backward control,2 directions control.

Application:Electric bicycles, scooter, mountain bike, city bike.
Application of environmental Temperature: -20℃~80℃
Waterproof and dustproof level: IPX5
Output voltage: 0.8V~4.2V (middle/zero position voltage 2.4±0.2V)
Meter voltage: 24/36/48/60V
Switch Key Life: ≥50 thousand times.

The throttle is ok to move to two direction, down and up. The mid/zero position voltage is 2.4±0.2V. Turn it down and the scooter will accelerate, turn it up and the scooter will slow down to a full stop. The same movement activates the reverse gear when the bike is stationary. Please noted the above functions needs your controller to support them.

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