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  • Model: SVD48
  • Price USD160-180

RS485, RS232, CAN, PWM, analog inputSV-Config programming software, RS232 interface A/B/Z type, A/B+HALL type, Hall sensor type

. SVD48V30A price is USD160, SVD48V50 Price is USD180. Please noted the price does not include RS232-USB cable.

Operating Voltage24V-48VDC24V-48VDC
Maximum input continuous current20A40A
Output highest Iq current30A50A
Adapted motor power100-400W400-800W
Minimum RPM Support1.0RPM with encoder motor
Minimum working voltage18V
Maximum working voltage60V
Overvoltage Protection ThresholdSoftware settings
control modeSpeed mode, position mode, torque mode
control interfaceRS485, RS232, CAN, PWM, analog input
Host computer supportSV-Config programming software, RS232 interface
Encoder inputA/B/Z type, A/B+HALL type, Hall sensor type
Working temperature-20℃ ~ +55℃
Dimensions143 x 80 x 33 mm

It is also can be controlled by ADC , which is use throttle to control speed and more interesting function is that this new driver supports RC controller, but you need to buy RC your self.

The driver or dual drive controller can control two motors or one motor if you like, and even four motors by two drivers. It can work with encoder motors or even a common hall sensors brushless motors. It is programable, we have PC program software.

RC transimiter and receiver, USD25 per set
RS-232-USB programmable cable, USD35

To get some of our motor read saved parameter from here

2 responses to “multi-function RS485 CAN encoder hall sensors brushless dc dual control driver”

  1. Can you provide some guidance on how to run 4 wheels using two dual drivers, as indicated is possible above? I would like to use 4 hub motors in tank mode. That is: both left wheels controlled by single controller, and both right wheels controlled by another single controller. with all wheels controlled by a single joystick.

  2. Is there any information of CAN protocol of this controller?

    It seems that there is no information of the CAN protocol in SVD48V30A-user-manual-V2.0.

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