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  • Model: MX650(MX-M-SW60)
  • Price: USD89

24v-60v batteries(full charged battery voltage should be less than 75V) are all ok to run with this controller, max continuious current 50A, max phase current 140A. It is ok to run 1000w-2000w bldc motor.

Programming sofware download link: MX650_programming_for_window_32bit


General programming instruction:MX programming manual

Controller software installtion error solution.

The software interface voltage settling only has 24v,36v and 48v options. But our controller is ok to run at 60v battery. If you set 24v, the controller will work with 24v-60v batteries, if you set the voltage to 36v, the controller will work with 36v-60v batteries, if you choose 48v, the controller will work with 48v-60v batteries.

The above images are 6 ways to connect a controller to a motor, sometimes, it is not ok to run a motor by the common color to color connection. you may need to adjust the wires connection order.

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  1. I am using DDSM115 Direct Drive Servo Motor to build a rover. I have programmed this motor using a jetson board through RS 485 modbus protocol. I was looking for the motor for agricultural field. I have found geared wheelbarrow hub motor on you web. Please let me know that is this motor can be integrated with RS 485 modbus protocol. can you share any example video of same

    • Sorry. I have no example videos,but our controller is ok to use RS485 and also we have developed a new powerful dual controller with RS485

  2. Dear,

    I’d like to build a Skateboard with this Controller and your 1000W BLDC Fat Tire Motor.
    How can I control the motor controller with a Microcontroller like an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi and how can I get it to do Regenerative Braking?

    Best Regards

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