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  • Model: HUB8EW
  • Price: USD135

HUB8EW is an 8 inch pneumatic tyre hub motor for electric wheelchair or small electric scooter.
Disc braking, geared motor, speed 100-700rpm customizable.

Now the motor has updated to new version, more beautiful, more efficiency and good heat emitting.
Droput size 110mm.
Rated voltage: 24/36/48, rated power 100w-400w, speed 6km/h to 25km/h.
The HUB8EW standard version is 36v 250w, max speed 25km/h, freewheel version,not reversible. We can customize 8 inch pneumatic tyre hub motor to what you need in your application.

We also have this simliar 8 inch hub motor in solid tyre version. If you want to buy this 8 inch electric wheechair motor, BUY IT NOW FROM OUR ONLINE SHOP https://www.uumotor.com/ws/p/8-inch-inflatable-freewheel-250w-brushless-geared-hub-motor/



Testing data HUB8EW-36v-200rpm   HUB8EW-36v-320rpm

HUB8EW 36V 200W testing data example.

No.Torque(N.m)Speed(rpm)Output power(W)Voltage(V)Current(A)Input Power(W)efficiency(%)

18 responses to “8 inch pneumatic tire electric scooter motor”

  1. Is it possible to remove the axle to install the HUB8EW into brackets with through holes that can’t be spread? Or is it drop in only?

  2. As you know I bought this wheel from you – the HUB 8EW. The supplied 2 inch tyre was unsatisfactory due to poor traction and bump absorption.

    With considerable difficulty and some modification to the hub I managed to fit a 2.5 inch tyre. This was better but the controller or the twist grip throttle were most unsatisfactory, doing nothing until half throttle and then coming in with a violent jerk. This was most alarming when using reverse.
    I regard the thumb throttle, which UU could not supply as much better. On a tricycle it is probably not necessary to have reverse, it’s better to have a freewheel so it can be wheeled around without the motor drag fighting you.

    UU motor was unable to supply a wider wheel to the suit desired 3.5 inch tyre, this could not be fitted to the narrow rim. UU was unable to suggest a suitable solution.

    I have rejected the UU HUB 8 EW.for a modified e bike bicycle hub fitted with a 3.50 X 6 inch tyre. Most satisfactory, but bigger than what I want for my lightweight folding “TravelTrike” design. Ideally I would fit a 3.50 X 4 inch tyre, no suitable wheel for this has yet been found.

  3. I am looking for a hub motor wheel for the front of my prototype lightweight disability tricycle. Can you supply it with built in controller, thumb throttle and 36 volt lithium ion 10 amp hour battery in a bicycle drink bottle style container with all appropriate fittings.
    The battery needs to be labelled to indicate the amount of lithium in it to satisfy airline safety requirements.
    Please provide a price delivered to Australia.
    Thank you ,

    John Evans

      • You ask the outside diameter of my wheel, I would like it to be no more than 9 inches, but would be OK up to 10 inches.

        I bought the UU HUB 8 EW, but could not fit a fat enough tyre.

        Do you have anything that would be suitable?

  4. Hi tony, do you also custom a 3 phase motor for a 8″ pneumatic tire motor? Can i use a normal rc plane esc rated 100a for these kind of motor? How much is the shipping cost to Singapore for 1 piece only?


  5. Hi all. I am a newby here on the forum and am highly interested
    in finding innovative disability aids that helps to
    make disabled life more bearable.

    Have some of you checked out this great little travelling wheelchair that folds and unfolds in 5 seconds and is featherlight enough to take onto train and if so ,
    what do you reckon about it ?

    • Hi Danny, we do have a cooperator who makes quick folding electric wheelchairs. They are easy to take onto trian or plane.

  6. We need to e-bike kit, but the engine must be subject in one arm. I watched without a kit for e-.bike have this engine. However, I see that produce these types of engines. Could you put together a kit for e-bike that includes a motor for holding one arm?

    We need it rather urgently.

    We welcome your comments

    thank you very much


  7. Hello,
    I’m looking for an hub motor with tyre for my electric scooter. Do you have mechanical drawing of Hb8ev? 36V is fine.
    Which is the max speed?
    Can ou issue an offer for 100 and 1000 motors.
    Are you able to ship in Italy?

    Best Regards,

    Alessandro Bergamini

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