20 inch 300nm low speed high torque hub motor

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300nm high torque low speed motor

Model number: PYD30020

Price USD390

48V max 300N.m, speed 50RPM-200rpm new low speed hub motor with 20 inch fat wheel 20×4.0 tube and tire. It is also ok to customize the other voltage and speed version.
Dropout size 180MM
gear ratio 1:22
please noted it is the ok to install 20 inch tire, not meaning its rim is 20 inch.

Single drive motor controller: https://www.uumotor.com/24-60v-50a-programmable-bldc-motor-controller.html

dual drive conroller recommend: https://www.uumotor.com/dual-drive-rs485-can-encoder-brushless-controller.html

20 inch bike rim motor is ready to sell, for other size rim, we need to customize it.

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  1. What kind of controller and brake set up can be available for the Model number: PYD30020 20” or custom size wheel? Is it also reversible?

  2. Looking for in wheel motors to power a garden tractor. 2 per tractor 48V 2kW min to 3 kW max size. Also looking for 3 cutting motors for the mowing deck to power cutting blades at 3000-3600 rpm when cutting. 3 blades/motors per tractor to cut a 48 inch path. Blade motors up to 1 kW each. What have you got? Price for 1 set, 10 sets and 100 sets please

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