48v 800w 100nm brushless electric ATV golf cart motor hub

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  • Model: KK5WS,KK5WT
  • Price: USD165

48v 600w (peak 900w) geared brushless dc golf cart hub motor, single shaft, it is easy to install ATV or golf cart wheels to the motor hub. . no load speed 220RPM, max current 30A, max torque 100nm.

gear ratio: 5:1 , reversible, gear material: PA66 Nylon, it is ok to upgrade to steel gears, and also now it is ok to add increment magnetic encoder to this motor.

KK5WS is M16 shaft with thread
KK5WT is 25mm round shaft

In June, 2024, we have designed a larger in wheel motor (KK5WT2), which max torque can readh 200N.m as follows, it is ready to sell now and also ok with encoders.

33 responses to “48v 800w 100nm brushless electric ATV golf cart motor hub”

  1. I’m a little confused about Shaft B – is it really 24.8mm? (not 25? or 25.4?). And the D profile doesn’t go all the way to the end of the shaft – is there a special hub or mounting system that this is designed for? Thanks.

  2. Hi. Would 4 of the kk5wt have enough power to pull a 700 kg fully loaded golf cart with 21″ tires up hills? What is the largest diameter tire recommended ?

  3. Hi looking to build 4WD golf carts. Do you have a controller capable of handling 4 of these motors or is there a compatible controller on the market to do that job? Do you build a heavy duty version of this motor that can handle a 500 KG loaded golf cart?

  4. Hi Tony,

    I am building a DIY trike – looking for a

    front wheel 48V 1000W motor kit:
    + slow speed (about 15 – 20 km/h max.),
    + single shaft,
    + with break, controller, 18 x 8.5 – 8 tire.
    + Cheapest shipping to Germany (50 days seaway is ok).

    Alternatively without tire:
    I already have a golf cart wheel with steel rim – 4 bolts on 100mm circle, 70mm central hole – with above tire

    Would the 100NM geared ATV UUMotor fit?
    Could you create one or two offers (with and without tire)?

    With best regards,

  5. Do you have a motor like kk5w with 250 Nm torque rating, same 200 rpm max speed, and 720 lb weight limit?

  6. Hi Tony. Need some help, i am a quadriplegic and building a 4 wheel off road wheelchair. Wanting to run 27.5 mtb wheels with suspension. If i run 2 x motors on the back, will need a servo motor that is able to be operated with the joystick/controller. Otherwise need to run 4 x motors in order to steer as i have very little movement with my arms. Wanting something strong so I can get out and watch my boys race DH mtb please can you let me know if you are able to help me in any way as have had no luck as yet

  7. Hi Tony,
    whats the lowest speed (rpm) of this motor and what is the torque then?
    Is there a 24V version? What are the values then?

  8. Hi Tony do you think i can install this hub motors on 10 inch Golf cart Rims/wheels ?10×7 SS LSI Aluminum Alloy Golf Cart Car Rim Wheel

    And how can I keep the rear OEM engine and add 2 hub motors to drive as a 4×4 ?

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