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  • Model: SPM01
  • Price: USD135

SPM01 is a geared mono shaft motor with EMB braking, it is easy to assemble the bicycle/wheeichair rim. It is easy for a simple electric wheelchair spoke wheel te be powered.

spoke wheelchair motor drawing

Here is tyipical application you may want:

30 responses to “brushless geared electric wheelchair spoke EMB hub motor”

  1. I have an existing cart with (2) 48v lithium batteries one for each existing 48v bike hub motor. I would like to replace and use these geared EMB motors with 24″ rim and spokes added but with only forward and backward control with electronic brakes and one joystick for both motors can you help?

  2. Hi Sir,
    I would like to know what is the weight of SPM01 each, and do you offer 22″ rim, spoke.
    I would like to transfer my manual wheelchair into power wheelchair.

  3. Dear Sir, im interested in your. brushless geared electric wheelchair spoke EMB hub motor Model: SPM01.
    I want to put it onto a 20in rear Trike wheel with 350w 36v battery. what kind of speed can i expect.
    What other accessories comes with it. thank you.

  4. How do i purchase this kit
    brushless geared electric wheelchair spoke EMB hub motor
    views: 4170
    Model: SPM01
    Price: USD135

  5. please inform me about the gear. relarion, kind of gear, material. I need also the apoximated weight (for mono shaft version).
    I expect to use it with 500mm diameter tier and a max. vel. of 15K/h can be enought.

  6. Hello

    is possible to know details and measure of shaft for installation ?

    minimal speed is 6 km/h ?

    i want use this motor for convert a manual wheelchair 24″ wheel

    to electric


  7. Hi
    I would like to purchase this motor, but I can’t find it in the online-store.
    please advise

  8. Can this motor be equipped with a disk brake?
    Does your 3 hole disk brake set fit on this motor?
    I see only 6 wires on the picture.
    Does the HAL sensor array have a +5V and Ground connection?
    When will this engine be available in the webshop?

    • Hello David,

      We can customize this motor with disc braking version, usually 6 holes disc braking. For this motor it has hall sensors, total should be 8 wires. It is not available in the webshop, because we do not make sample stock. we only make the motor when a customer buying.

  9. Hello,

    can I please have the 36V performance curve?


    Brooke Norton,
    Pastoral Robotics

  10. Hi!

    I need a single side axle, 13 inch, 500W hub motor. I’ve searched your website but i don’t see a motor large enough (all i see are 8inch or 16 inch ones, which is either too small or too large). Do you have any suggestions and/or do you make custom motors aswell?

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