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  • Model: HB12GS
  • Price: USD139

This HB12GS single/mono shaft motor can be with assembled with  12 inch and other kinds of different tires. It is a good electric small ATV, UTV or mower and so on. This is a gearless mono shaft motor with high speed 25km/h to max 40km/h. We have many other optional tires. Buy online here https://www.uumotor.com/ws/p/48v-800w-gearless-brushless-mono-shaft-motor/ 

We also have this motor for dual shaft motor verion.

12 inch vacuum tire wheel hub motor
Brake mode:Disc-Brake
Tyre: vacuum tyre (4.10/3.0-6)
N.W.: 7.5kg(with tyre)
Diameter with tyre: 325MM
Rated voltage: DC 24/36/48V
Rated power:350-1000W
No-load speed: 400-1500rpm
No-load current: 0.4-1.4A
Efficiency: ≥84%

5 responses to “350-800w 12 inch gearless mono shaft motor”

  1. Hi Brett Lewis,

    For the motor power is ok for us, our motors size is the size with tire, we have 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch small hub motors. And they can be braked by controller, but we do not have a controller which can drive 4 motors at the same time.

  2. This motor is hall sensorless motor, so to use our hall sensorless controller to control two motors is possible. I will email the motor details soon.

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