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  • Model: LY2M
  • Price: USD160

60v 3000w, 72v 3500w high speed 100km/h electric scooter, 11 inch detachable rim electric scooter hub motor. A replacement of DUALTRON THUNDER ELECTRIC SCOOTER motor.

 90/65-6.5 air tire and tube(11 inch 270mm) with differend tire tread for road and off road riding.

Magnet height: 65H,no load current 2.2A, max current 50A, speed 1800-2000RPM and more, Motor with tire 7.5kg.

Dropout size 145mm, shaft length 210mm, motor rim 186mm, shaft diameter M14, motor rim width 87mm. Pole pairs 15 pairs.

The online buy link for this 11 inch scooter motor, https://www.uumotor.com/ws/p/60v-1600w-72v-3500w-11-inch-80-110km-h-high-speed-electric-scooter/.

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  1. Hello,
    What is the nominal torque and peak torque of this motor please?
    Could you publish the motor curves?
    Many thanks

  2. will like to know if I can put this on a 10 inch fat tire like the one wheel and if you guys sell that tire also the controller?

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