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20x4.0 fat tire geared hub motor 12 inch e bike motor
  • Model: KK20F
  • Price: USD165

This is a 20 inch hub motor for fat electric snow bicycle, geared with 20×4.0 fat tire. It is 48v 1000w with max torque 150N.m, we can customize the speed to low RPM, that is easy for a geared motor. The gear ratio is 5:1. Dropout size is 175-190mm and also it is ok to make smaller dropout size for other no e bike applications. This 20″ inch motor is not only for electric snow bike, it is reversible and has high torque. So we can use it to some agro robot systerm. Due to the 150N.m max torque, you can use the wheel as heavy load cargo drive systerm. The default for this 48v motor speed is about 35km/h. It is also can be with high or lower speed.

We also have brushless motor controller for it, for e bike usage or robot usage. Tell us your application before buy it, we will recommend you a good drive system.

Common uses and benefits of a bike with 20×4.0 inch fat tires:

Snow riding – The extra wide tires allow the bike to float on top of loose snow, making pedaling and riding much easier than a regular mountain bike in snowy conditions.

Sand – Similar to snow, the fat tires spread the weight out over a large surface area so the bike doesn’t sink down in loose sand, dirt or gravel. Makes beach or desert riding very feasible.

Rough, muddy or bumpy trails – The tires can roll over rocks, roots, ruts and other obstacles more easily than narrow tires. They also stay stable at low pressures.

Off-road – Fat bikes excel on unpaved fire roads, two-tracks and other non-technical off-road paths where regular mountain bikes may struggle.

Bikepacking/touring – With integrated rear racks/front racks/baskets, they can carry heavy loads of gear over rough or soft terrain that would bog down a road or mountain bike.

Winter commuting – Fat bikes paired with studded tires can be the best method of transportation when roads are snow-covered or icy and not plowed.

Fun factor – Riding a fat bike through deep snow is simply a blast. The ballooned tires provide ample float and a feeling of invincibility over difficult surfaces.

Stability – At low tire pressures, they remain remarkably stable even at slow speeds on slippery surfaces where skinnier tires might not.

6 responses to “20 inch geared casted snow bike fat tire hub motor”

  1. Dear QS morors

    I am an electrical engineer working for a company to design and develop a cargo/ personal transport vehicle in the UK.

    we are building 2 prototypes in the next 4 months and are looking for an integrated drive solution

    2 single sheer hub motors and control system is needed. 20 inch tyre, 70Nm max torque at the wheel
    48volts system.

    we are going down the series pedal generator charging route so there is no direct drive from the peadals to the rear axle. the driver will pedal to generate electricity.

    Is this product something we can discuss and is it available?

    are there any costs and availability for a prototype 2 vehicle sets

    we will then be building a further 100 for pre production build and then who knows!!

    I look forward to hearing from you

  2. Hi, is this 20 inch motor for sale? If yes, how much for two motorized wheels? What bike tires can it handle?

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