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12 inch electric wheelchair kit
  • Model: KIT10WD
  • Price: USD365

24V 200W 10 inch electric moblity scooter and wheelchair conversion kit. It is an EMB electric wheelchair motors, geared 10 inch dual shaft hub motor.

1) Motor phase cable: Yellow : U,– Green : V, Blue : W.
2) EMB Brake wires: White : “B+ “8.5-24V, Gray : “B-“. keep voltage 8.5V, rated 24v, max 30V
3)motor Hall Sensor wires: Black : hall sensors GND, Red : hall sensors 5V, Blue : Hall W, Green Hall V ,Yellow : Hall u.

10 inch mobility scooter kit
10 inch electric wheelhciar motor size drawing

We have a programming  emb braking controller for this motor but it is not a joystick controller, it controls by throttle as follow:

Usually, we marches the motor and controller before shipping, if you use our emb function controller for this motor, you can also download the motor data to the controller software to run the motor easily.

Twist throttle with power siwtch key and button for reverse