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  • Model: BLT12
  • Price: USD135

12 inch geared lightweight hub motor, only 2.0kg without tire and 2.9kg with tire and tube, dropout size 85mm, 24v-48v, 150w-350W, speed 15km/h to 25km/h , gear ratio 1:12.6. It is a brushless dc hub motor, very good for light weight electric bicycles, scooters, mobility wheelchairs and son on. The motor is freewheel, not reversible by controller, and e braking is not working. Please noted that it is a freewheel gear motor, it can not be driven reversely by controller.

We can also provide a completed kit except the battery

We also have this motor in 14 inch size, the weight is 2.45kg without tire, photos as follows:

14 inch gear hub motor light weight
brushless dc light weight hub motor
14 inch light weight motor

20 responses to “freewheel geared 12 inch lightweight hub motor”

  1. I would like to order a BLT12 with the brake complete kit 24-48V.
    I am in Liverpool UK
    Please give me price total inc Shipping?

  2. Hello, I can’t find this product on your e-shop. I need 12″ wheel for V-brake system. (For my strong Battery 58,8 V with 35A BMS). Thank you.

  3. Do you provide all the components related to this 12″ hub motor (controller, battery pack, throttle, etc)?
    Can braking be adapted to this system?
    Can you supply another similar wheel but without the motor?
    How can I get specifications (size, etc) for all the components?

    • what is your application? we can provide the marching controller,throttle, braking levers. We can also provide with no drive wheel.

      • This would be for a custom scooter, so I am wanting information on the essential parts so that I can build the scooter around the parts. Do you have battery packs? Do you have specifications (dimensions, etc)?

  4. I would like to order 1x this 12” wheel, how can I order and pay in advance?

    With best regards, Ben from The Netherlands

  5. Hello there I’m looking for a high speed version of this geared hub, do you guys have this as well?



      • Can you provide some information on the gearless version? I am looking at wheels for 12 inch tires. Also, what kind of controllers do you use for these? Thank you

        • the gearless we have 48v 350w and 36v 250w version, the max speed 25km-30km/h. what voltage version do you like?

  6. Hi,
    Do you have performance data or graphic data about this hub motor ?

    Thanks, waiting your answers


  7. Hello!

    This is korea!

    With reference to your merchandise home page, we would like to order the following items:

    Inquiry Total (for Ebike kits 2sets)

    1. 10 inch hub motor = 2EA

    speed:366r/min motor front wheel :(254*45) = 2EA

    3.Controller :(36V/350W for HL10GS) = 2EA

    Is there anybody who speaks Korean?
    I can speak Chinese a little!

    We wish a reply. According to the next item!
    Price ?
    Specification condition ?
    配送方法 ?

    Thank you!

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