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  • Model: SV8F16
  • Price: USD385

High torque, slow speed servo hub motor.Brushless , gearless!

It is a new designed brushless dc servo single shaft agriculture robot motor with Magnetoelectric encoder. It is with a removable 8 inch rim, the motor rotor is 6.5 inch. The default tire we have is 4.8/4.00-8 as images show( Diameter:400mm,width:100mm ). We also have 18 inch and 20 inch tire for this motor.

Motor weight: 14kg
Poles: 20 pairs
Rated voltage: DC48V
Rated Power: 1000w
Rated speed: 250RPM
Rated current: 10-12A
Rated torque:70N.M(peak torque 120N.M)
Max load: 300KG
Tire Diameter: 11-20 inch
Encoder type: 1024 line Magnetoelectric encoder

16 responses to “16 inch fat tire single shaft agriculture robot motor”

  1. Good day!
    Can you provide information for motor controller to drive this type of motor?
    Do you have dual motor controller for 1000 w motors?
    Does it use 1024 encoder in this motor?
    And what will be the price?

  2. hello,
    what is the diameter of the inner hole on the Hub? I would like to use this motor potentially with another hub and need to make sure it fits on it (do you sell the motor without the Hub/tire?).
    Also what is the space between the screw to which the hub attach the their diameter tap/type?
    Last does the motor work with motor encoders expecting hall sensor output?
    Thank you.

  3. Hi,
    I am interested in these motors for a project I am working on and I have some questions:
    1) Can you make these with electric parking brakes inside, or can a disk be fitted to the inboard face to provide a fail safe brake in the event of power failure ?
    2) Do you have performance curves available for this motor please ?
    3) What is the maximum short term current rating for the winding eg when starting against a load ?
    4) What is the rim offset with the 16×6.5-8 wheel and ……..
    5) are 2 piece rims available?
    Many thanks.

    • 1. currently, it has no brakes, but we can customize it with disc brake
      2. not yet.our testing marching is not ready.
      3. 35A
      4. The rim size is 8 inch, and also you can use other size rim.
      5. Yes.

  4. Do you have something similar with dual axis?

    What speed will be peak power? Can you provide one with very low speed peak power? (say at 1 rpm?)

      • Great, thanks Tony. Do you have a link to the servo driver for your servo motors please? I can’t seem to find them on this site (only BLDC motor controllers).

        • Yes. Do you need one driver to control one motor or control two motors? For big power servo motor, currently we only have driver to control one motor. The servo motor is not listed on our website yet, most documents are chinese currently, we need to make it into english.

          • Driving 2 motors would be ideal, but 1 can work in the meantime. Do you have an ETA for when you’ll list the drivers? And how much they’ll cost? Thank you!

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