1200w 15 inch big wheel servo hub motor

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1200w 15 inch servo motor
  • Model: SVH15B
  • Price: USD365

This big wheel is a 15 inch servo hub motor with single shaft. It is really a big power currently 1200w and peak torque can reach 90N.m. The motor is gearless, brushless dc motor with hall sensors and encoder. It is can bear 250kg load. This will be good for the intelligent farm machines. We also have this motor in 13 inch and 14 inch tire.

1200w 15 inch big wheel servo hub motor specification:
Rated voltage: 48v-72v
Motor weight: 7.6kg
Poles: 20 pairs
Rated Power: 250w-1200w
Rated speed: 150-400RPM by controller
Rated current: 7-25A(peak current 45A)
Rated torque:40N.M(peak torque 80N.M)
Max load: 240KG
Diameter: 380mm tube air tire
Encoder type: 1024 line Incremental Photoelectric Encoder or  magnetoelectric encoder 
The optional tire: 15 inch 3.50-8.

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