500w-1300w hydraulic disc brake differential gear bridge kit

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hydraulic brake electric differential gearbridge kit
  • Model: TRK03
  • Price: USD320

This differential gear bridge conversion kit is with hydraulic disc brake. The gearbox has two gear-shifts, 1:10 and 1:23. You can adust the shift as you like. motor speed 3000RPM. It can be used for electric cargos, lawn tractors, dolly carts,wagons, hand trucks and so on. The tire have have two size type here 3.50-10,3.00-10,4.00-10 and 4.50-10 tube air tires.

Powervoltage(v)current(A)speed(RPM)Kit price

The kit includs: motor, gearbridge, wheels,controller,throttle, gear-shift, display meter, braking,wires harness and other install parts. Lower speed shift: max speed about 8km/h. Higher speed shift: max speed is about 12km/h. (high speed version also available, 25km/h).

The gearbridge length including wheels outside to outside usually has 50cm,55cm,60cm,65cm,70cm,75cm,80cm,85cm,90cm,95cm. For the longer shaft version, extra money is needed.

You can also ask the gearbridge length between the wheels as per your request. If the gearbridge needs longer than 100cm( or 100cm), extra money will be needed.