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48v 750w motor kit
  • Model: BLZ03KIT
  • Price: USD148

48v 750w electric tricycle conversion kit. It can also be used to convert an electric bike by mid driving method. This Brushless DC Motor Electric trike motor brushless, can be  48V/60VDC 750W. We also have 500w, and 350w motor and controller for such kit.

48v 750w motor size drawing

The 48V 750W brushless dc tricycle motor main specification:
No load current: <5.0A
Rated power:750W
Rated speed:2800RPM
Rated torque:2.56N.m
Rated current:<20A
Efficiency:80% Ratio: 6:1
Real speed:480RPM
Weight:6.8KG Motor
phase angle:120 degree
Motor dimension: 26CMx13xCMx15.5CM Load Capacity:500KG

example of the motor and conroller wires connection.
sample of how the tricycle motor kit is installed.

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  1. Hello! can I use the 48 V, 750 W BLDC motor to make (tetra) four Tyre vehicle which load 500 KG? and how long does 200AH, 48V battery can drive with this load the vehicle?

  2. We like thisd kit 48V for my trike. Rear is a convencional 20 inch rear bike with her sproket this can be used for connect chainf with this motor? or we need install this sproket kit in my rear whell? do you ship from china? cost of this kit please?

  3. Dear Sir, im interested in your 48v 750w electric brushless dc motor kit for electric trike, But in a 350 w 36v version, to use on my 20 inch Trike. Looking forward to your reply, thank you.

    • at least a 48v 15AH battery, and max continuous current should about 30A or more. If you need long time running, the battery capacity will be bigger.

  4. I want to convery my Honda Activa 100C Scooter to electric. Which capacity of hub motor should I use. The speed of the vehicle should be 40 to 50KM

  5. Hello

    I’m interesting in 750w 48v motor, with the controller kit.
    The controller is able to charge the batteries? Or is necessary to by a outside battery charger?

  6. I wish to convert my Yamaha crux R bike into ebike. Which motor should I replace. Can I use 12 volt 26 ah SMF 4 no. Batteries as power source. How much speed and distance cover may be available.

      • Hai,
        I want to convert my bike to electric bike with top speed 40 to 50 kmhso i was selecte 48v 500w bldc motor its suitable for this conversion and how much load it will carry can u please tell me this motor maximum capacity load and tell me the battery capacity also


  7. Looking to convert a tricycle to haul a display trailer weighing approximately 450lbs.. I’ve been advised that a mid-drive is the way to go. Suggestions? Would the torque-throttle be useful? Terrain is relatively flat.

  8. hello I am Mathi, I would like to replace my petrol engine to BLDC hub motor, final weight with passenger will be about Min. 150 Kgs to Max. 200 Kgs. Please advice to me what range of motor I want used for this project.

  9. I would like to order your 48V 70w motor but I don’t know where,how much or it can be shipped here in saudi arabia,from your spec it is my ideal motor for the ebike I want to construct in near future or shall I say my future buisness when I retire here in saudi arabia please send me the complete spec and on how to order your product

  10. Hi.. Myself Anjan… M converting a petrol bike to electric using 48v 750 w bldc motor…. Bikes final weight with passenger will be about 180-200kg… What max speed will it provide to my bike…. Plzzzz help….

  11. Hello Tony,

    Thank you for your previous help.

    I am now trying to understand how to wire the single orange “power switch” and the 3 wire key but don’t see any diagrams explaining or showing this. Can you please provide a picture or diagram for connecting these?

    Thank you.


  12. Hi
    I am Imtiyaz
    I working a project in which a bike petrol engine is replaced by bldc motor.
    So please recommend me suitable powerful motor.
    48 v 750w motor is suitable or should I go with less power

  13. The wiring guide says that the single purple wire (connector 1) is for “+12V high voltage braking”. However, when we tried this it doesn’t seem to have much of an effect? At most, applying +12V to this line appears to do the same thing as the regular “brake” (connector 6, black and grey wires) which is to say it cuts power to the motor. Am I missing something? I would assume it should somehow be possible to apply active braking force through the motor?

    • For the +12V braking is also the power cut braking, it can not force the motor stop. Our this controller does not support E-braking or regren braking.

      • Ok, thanks for your quick reply. Do you have a different controller available that does support e-braking with this motor (or with another motor)? If not, would it be possible to use a third-party controller and do you have any recommendations for one?

  14. Hi am Anshuman currently i am working in a team on solar-electric hybrid car project.Can you please send the electric circuit connecton diagram b/w various parts including controller,converter,BLDC motor,throttle,brakes,kill switch,main switch etc: It would be of great help for us.

  15. I am doing a research project related to the Brush less Dc motors and i want to purchase this motor but before i want data sheet of this and also i want to know whether hall or any other sensors are fitted in this motor or not..??kindly help me…?

  16. would like to ride a motorcycle media, which came at a speed of about 50 km / h which engine you would recommend me? and what value it?

    • Hell Alberrto,

      I am sorry that we do not have such high speed motors yet. You may search “high power hub motor” on google to find something. There are indeed some hub motors 3kw to 5kw can reach such high speed for electric motorcycles.

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