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  • Model: UDB101

MOQ 10 SETS, this quality electric tricycle only accepts bulk order unless you can bear the high shipping cost for the air shipping for one set sample. The motor power range from 800w to 2000w.

We have new electric tricycle kits available at online shop.

tricycle gear bridge kit
UDB101-A, the normal tricycle kit with gear bridge

UDB101-A power verion and price:
1. 60v 1000w USD375
2. 60v 1200w USD385
3. 60v 1500w USD395
4. 60v 2000w USD415
5. 72v 1000w USD385
6. 72v 1200w USD395
7. 72v 1500w USD415
8. 72v 2000w USD435

tricycle gear bridge kit 3 speed version
UDB101-B the 3 speed switch version

UDB101-B power verison and price:

1. 60v 1000w USD438
2. 60v 1200w USD448
3. 60v 1500w USD458
4. 60v 2000w USD478
5. 72v 1000w USD445
6. 72v 1200w USD465
7. 72v 1500w USD485
8. 72v 2000w USD495

tricycle gear bridge kit new gear bridge
UDB101-C 48v/60v 800w and 48v/60V 1000W new version

UDB101-C power version and price:
1. 48v 800w USD365
2. 48v 1000w USD375
3. 60v 800w  USD365
4. 60v 1000w  USD375

trike motor controller kit
UDB101-D electric trike conversion kits without gear bridge,800w to 2000w

UDB101-D Power version and price:

48v 800w  USD248
60v 800w  USD248
60v 1000w USD258
48v 1000w USD258
72v 1000w USD258
60v 1200w USD268
72v 1200w USD268
60v 1500w USD278
72v 1500w USD278
60v 2000w USD298
72v 2000w USD298

DT gearbridge gear size DT gearbridge gear hub sizetricycle gear bridge kit packing trike motor controller kit motor trike motor controller kit controller trike motor controller kit 2

dt-controller wires

Rated   voltageRatedRatedSpeedRatedmaxmax load Maximummotor details
 current Power torqueLoadspeedspeed Eff%
RatedMaximum limitunder   voltagebrake handle   voltagebrake blackoutcontroller details(note, Dual   mode brushless controller,if the motor have not hall ,it also can work very   well)
48V800W75A41.5±0.5V  1.2-4.3Vlow   level
48V1000W80A41.5±0.5V  1.2-4.3V
60V800W75A50.5±0.5V  1.2-4.3V
60V1000W80A50.5±0.5V  1.2-4.3V
60V1200W85A50.5±0.5V  1.2-4.3V
60V1500W90A50.5±0.5V  1.2-4.3V
72V1000W75A 63±0.5V  1.2-4.3V
72V1200W80A 63±0.5V  1.2-4.3V
72V1500W85A 63±0.5V  1.2-4.3V
60v2000w100A 63±0.5V 1.2-4.3V
48v/60v/72v2000w95a       63±0.5V       1.2-4.3V

View details electric trike kit specification.

28 responses to “electric trike cargo kit with differential gear bridge”

  1. Buenas tardes, necesito el motor eléctrico kit de carga triciclo eléctrico con puente de engranaje diferencial de 1000w y 60V.
    Necesito saber si hacen envíos a Sur América, a Ecuador

  2. Hi, could you please send me the torque-speed characteristics of the 48v 35A 2000w model?
    What its the peak torque of this model?


    • Please am interested this product I would love to order in bulk I want nothing but the best products to start making my tricycle products I need guide line how to order and make a purchase from Nigeria i would be great full If we both partner and make this goal a reality please

  3. Hi
    Can you please answer these questions?

    Is it possible to equip UDB101-B power verison With an 48v 1000W bldc motor on a 900 mm gear bridge?

    What is the normal speed for the tree different gears for this gir bridge?

    I I order two of UDB101-B power verison as described, what is the price included shipping to Norway?

    Best regards


  4. hello im looking for a good setup like a 48v 2000w motor and axle setup that would work for a custom golf type cart and what is the smallest axle length i can get want it to be able to go 40kmh and have enough power to climb small hill. I would like a price as well looking for tires and rims as well as hand throttle controller and battery as well as i need one other matching tire and rim for a front fork install on it it will be like a trike golf cart.

  5. Hi

    Can this motor and controller reverse the motor direction?
    Can 2 motors be connected in series or parallel to create a 4 wheel drive setup with 1 controller

  6. Dear Sir or Madam,
    Your products are very interesting. I own an old tricycle with a 50cc engine. The brand is Empolini. Minimum gradient 20%; 35-45kmh. The rear axle has a width of approx. 105 to 110cm. I would like for this vehicle a complete electric system with hydraulic brake. The drive battery should be an acid battery.

    The delivery should contain the following parts:
    Rear axle with hydraulic brake (alternatively cable brake)
    electric motor
    handle throttle
    Motor controller
    Battery Charger
    Datasheets / sketches

    Please make me an offer including shipping to:

    Marketing and Sales
    Winfrid Hagendorf
    At Strenzleweg 26
    D-79219 Staufen

  7. Good Afternoon
    I’m from Germany being interested in UDB101-D electric trike conversion kits without gear bridge, 48v 1000w .
    Request a quote for shipping to Germany and sales price please.
    Martin Pommerehne

  8. I am interested in purchasing a trike kit with gear bridge; how expensive is it to ship to New York State, Catskill Region?

  9. hello;
    I am interested in purchasing the following product from your site
    – UDB101-D – 72v 2000w
    Would you be able to advise if you ship to Greece and the costs and process of doing so.
    Thank you in advance
    Nick Delantonis

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  11. Hello,
    I am interested in designing an electric tricycle,
    I found this :UDB101-A, the normal tricycle kit with gear bridge on your web site, could get me the quote of the complete kit and specification.

    from Nigeria

  12. Dear Sir/Mam
    I am Mr. Mizuno.
    I am planning to make Electric vehcle.
    I found out your system on Web.
    Could you give me more data about UDB101-B the 3 speed switch version
    DC48V 2000W

  13. Good Afternoon

    I´m from Portugal and I am to know how much does it cost to buy to you an
    motor kit : 48v 28A 1000w 3000-3200rpm 40n.m 700kg 30km/h 35km/h 83%

    Paulo Pedro

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