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The slow speed gearbridge kit motor power can be 48v/60v 580W,700W,850w,1000w. The kit tire is rubber 4.00-6, Wheel diameter 25cm, width 10cm. The speed has three gear shifts: 1. slow speed shift, max speed 3km/h; 2. mid speed shift, max speed 6km/h;3. high speed shift, max speed about 10km/h.Gearbox gear ratio 1:28, motor speed 3000RPM.

The gearbridge length(including wheels’ width) usually has 50cm,55cm,60cm,65cm,70cm,75cm,80cm,85cm,90cm,95cm,100cm. If you need other length, or other power, we can also customize it for you.

Powervoltage(v)current(A)speed(RPM)Kit price

We also have other size wheels as blow:

5 responses to “1000w slow speed electric truck gearbridge kit”

  1. Does the 1000W slow speed electric truck gearbridge kit would be good to built a : 6 todler stroller ? And what max load kg could be used on it ? Also I would like to know where to order ? Online store doesn’t mention this application.Thank you , have a nice day.

  2. Hello, I need a low speed (3-6km/h) option, but with a high torque, about 200Nm (peak), with a 16″ tyre.
    Have you a motor kit for this requirement?

    In any case, can you send me the torque-speed characteristic of the 1300W-48V kit?


  3. hello,
    I want to convert my magliner handtruck (4wheel cart, 200kg) with an electrical gear bridge motor to walk between 3-6km/h.
    wheel size 4.00/3,50-4 (10inch)/ wheels outside distance 60cm
    thump throttle
    reverse/forward possibility
    on road and in the fields moving (off road)

    what motor kit do you think is the best?
    can you send me a price, with shipping to Belgium

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