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  • Model: LY15D
  • Price: USD165

15 inch fat off road tire fast speed electric scooter hub motor, which max speed is about 80-100km/h. the motor with 15 pole pairs, 65H magnetics and 72v 3500w, max torque 50N.m and also it can be with other tire size like 10 inch, 11 inch, 12 inch, 13 inch and so on. This one is 15×5.0-6 air tube tire. The motor rim is detachable.

The suggest controller for this high speed electric scooter motor is 60v 45A-50A bldc controllers. The no load speed at 72v is 2200RPM, so the motor speed will be very fast with different size tires, it is ok to run with 48v,52v or 60v batteries also.

16 responses to “15 inch off road 3500w electric scooter motor”

  1. 50 Newton meters is equal to 36.87811 foot-pounds of torque. Do you have the same size of wheel with motor hub combination that is capable of 67.7909 Newton meters (50 Ft-Lbs) or greater?

  2. Hello from Texas,
    I love how this tire and motor looks. I don’t need 80 km/h. I want power to go offroad, climb hills and 35 km/h max. What motor and tire do you recommend? Thanks in advance!

      • 50Nm is NOT enough to climb hills? Did you mean it IS OK to climb hills… because 50Nm is more than enough to climb a normal hill, surely. I am confused by this comment, hopefully you can clarify.

          • Sorry I didn’t see this comment until now, thanks for the reply, that clears things up. Lucky I am planning on getting 2 then! Do you have a torque curve graph for this? And how much is shipping to UK for two?

  3. I am disabled and want to build an electric vehicle to get me in and out of the woods. Currently looking to use a 48v battery and an independent suspension design. Any suggestions on hub motors and controllers? It will need to carry ~550 pounds including the vehicle frame weight.

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