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12 inch 72v 500w motor

Model: JSC12SR

Price: USD160


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This is a 2023 new design grearless brushless dc 72v 5000w motor with hall sensors, this 5000w hub motor top speed at 72v can reach 125km/h. The motor shaft was upgraded from M14-M16, which enhance the strength to bear high power and fast speed.

The motor is with deteached rim, which means the rim is ok to take apart into two pcs, which will be easier to replace tire and tube. The 12 inch here means the motor tire is 12 inch, this motor rim is in fact 8 inch, so it is also ok to install 3.0-8 tires and tubes.

If you are you looking forward 12 inch rim motor, please move to our electric motorcycle motor category. For this bldc hub motor, the most popluar power version are 48v 1500w, 48v 2000w, 48v 2500w, 60v 2000w, 60v 3000, 72v 3000w and 72v 5000w. The power and speed are also ok to customize as per your request.

The main usage of this scooter motor is for DIY , like to modify DYU D1, Fiido Q1S and other 12 inch electric bikes, to let them get high speed and power. And also we have this kind of 14 inch motor for DIY usage.

Motor tire size: 12 inch (12×2.125 tube and tire)
Phase cable:10AWG
Power :1500W 2000W 2500W 3000W3500W 5000W
Top speed:55-65 km/h(48v 1500w), 60-95km/h (60v 72v3500w), 100-125km/h(60v 72v 5000w)
Dropout size:121mm
Shaft design: Dual shafts
Shaft length:201mm
Shaft diameter: M16 (10mm flat part)
Magnets height:30H
Pole pairs: 20 ( magnet pcs 40)
Max Torque: 50 N.m

  1. Motor: The motor for this specific request is a 12-inch inflatable inner/out tire, with a size of 12*2.125 or it can also accommodate a 3.0-8 tire. This versatile motor can provide excellent traction and stability for various riding conditions.
  2. Voltage: The voltage options available for this motor are 48V, 60V, and 72V. These voltage ranges allow for efficient power delivery and flexibility in matching the motor to your specific needs.
  3. Power: With a range of power options, you can choose the motor power that suits your requirements. Available power options include 1500W, 2000W, 2500W, 3000W, 3500W, and 5000W. These power ratings provide ample performance for different applications.
  4. Fork size: The fork size for this motor is 121mm. This size ensures proper compatibility and easy installation with a wide range of bicycles or electric scooters equipped with compatible forks.
  5. Shaft length: The shaft length measures 201mm. This length is carefully designed to fit the motor properly and maintain a stable connection to other components in the system.
  6. Shaft diameter: The diameter of the shaft is M16. This specific diameter is selected to ensure robustness and durability, allowing for efficient power transmission and reliable operation.
  7. Magnet height: The magnet height is 30H. This parameter influences the motor’s performance, efficiency, and torque output. The chosen height of 30H strikes a balance between power and efficiency for optimal performance.
  8. Pole pairs: The motor features 20 pole pairs, with 40 magnet pieces in total. Pole pairs play a vital role in determining the motor’s speed and torque characteristics. The 20 pole pairs combined with the 40 magnet pieces provide a balanced performance suitable for various riding scenarios.
  9. Max/peak Torque: The maximum moment torque generated by this motor is 50 N.m. This torque output ensures strong acceleration and climbing capability, making it suitable for electric vehicles that require powerful torque delivery.
  10. Phase cable: The motor is equipped with a 10AWG phase cable. A 10AWG cable is selected to handle the current flow effectively while minimizing power losses, ensuring the efficient transfer of power from the controller to the motor.

These specifications collectively form a comprehensive understanding of the motor’s capabilities and technical details. Whether you are an electric vehicle enthusiast or a DIY enthusiast, these specifications provide the necessary information to select a motor that meets your specific requirements.

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