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6 inch gearless brushless dc motor, dropout size 65mm, can assemble band braking or disc braking as per specific application, reversable, regenerative braking.

power: 150~250W
speed: 540~1400rpm (15KM~30KM)
efficiency: ≥83%
wheel diameter: 6″(150mm)
net weight: ≤2.0kg
dropout size: 65mm
noise: <60dB
waterproof grade: IP54
brake: band brake, disc brake, e braking



9 thoughts on “dropout size 65mm hollow tire 6 inch gearless hub motor

  1. How can I change the tire? After removing the six screws on each side, the cover plate releases a little and turns freely on the side with the wires, but I cannot remove it further. Suggestions? How to open the motor?

  2. Hello ,

    I have a doubt, I have a wheel chair controller for a brushless motor,
    is there a way to know if it will work with your motor?

    • Our motor phase angle is 120 degree. Usually your controller should be ok to work with our motor.

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