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  • Model: M3PW
  • Price: USD145

M2PW details:

Motor: 12 inch Brushless Geared Motor for electric wheelbarrow
Hallsensor: YES (5 hall sensor wires)
Brake type: Disc brake
Motor wheel size( include the tire): 12 inch tractor tubeless air tire
Tire Model: 12×5-6 Vacuum tire(325mm diameter,103mm tire width)
Max Torque: 59 N.M
Rated power : 500W
Rated voltage :36V 48V
No-load current: <1.5A
pole pairs:15
gear ratio:6
Max speed: 200RPM
Load Weight: 100kg-150kg
Dropout size : 135-145 mm
Weight : about 6.5 kg

Motor data and drawing here:

12 inch wheelbarrow motor drawing
48v 500w geared wheelbarrow motor testing data

6 responses to “12 inch electric wheelbarrow geared brushless hub motor”

  1. 1) How long will shipping take? 2) is the controller you linked required or can any 36V controller work? 3) can the motor do regeneration? 4) How much per motor unit if I buy 50 at once?

    • We ship by Fedex,DHL,TNT or UPS depending on final country and area. It usually takes 7 days for shipping. The controller I suggest is a multi-voltage working controller, it can work with 24v,36v and 48v batteries. The motor is ok to do regeneration. For the bulk order price, please email at sales@uumotor.com .

  2. Hi, 3 questions: 1). How fast will this motor arrive to me in the US? 2)is there discount for purchasing 2? 3) as mentioned in above comment:
    “It is a pity that we still not find a cooperator who can supply such a controller, we are trying to find one. We do not have this motor in store usually, it usually takes 7 days for make and delivery.”
    are you saying that there is no controller that works with this motor? I have a 36V brushless controller. Will this work?

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