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  • Model: KIT8EW
  • Price: USD215

The KIT8EW is a geared air tube and tire motor kit, 36v 250w 25km/h, disc braking .

It includes:

1. 8 inch brushless hub motor air tyre

2. brushless motor controller, regen braking

3. braking levers

4. throttle with battery indicator

5. disc brake plate and caliper

Buy the kit via paypal here https://www.uumotor.com/ws/p-cat/converstion-kits/electric-scooter-kit/

For the motor details, please refer to here https://www.uumotor.com/8-inch-electric-wheelchair-motor-pneumatic-tyre.html

8 responses to “36v 250w air tire 8 inch motor and controller kit”

  1. Hi im looking for a scooter conversation kit?do u have any with a high speed n can take up the load around 120kg?pls email me the price?i need a complate set wit throttle,brake,n digital meter?and battery thet can last for around 50km?thx

  2. I am looking for a 12/14″ electric scooter kit with brushless regen motor (including front tyre). Do you draft motors as well? The motor should be able to carry 150Kg weight.

    Can the motor handle varied speed levels and backward motion?

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