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  • Model: HB4KIT
  • Price: USD215

This HB4KIT kit includes:

  1. 4 inch motor 150w-200w (24v-36v),gearless, dropout size 60mm
  2. regen braking controller, max current 15A
  3. thumb/twist throttle/half-twist throttle with battery power indication
  4. hall sensor thumb throttle for e braking

The example of this 4 inch kit converting a scooter:

13 responses to “4 inch hub motor and controller scooter kit”

  1. Do you sell the battery as well as the hub motor? Also, Do you have a trigger type control instead of the twist?
    I have a kick board similar to the one in your pics but is does not have the cross/Tbar. It has a knob. It is a K2 Kickboard style. Please let me know and also if you have a 3″ hub motor as well. Mine would be best suited for the smaller size wheel.
    Thank you

  2. I want to use the HB4 kit 150 W on my manual wheelchair.
    Will I be able to start from zero speed using the twist controller?

    • it is not listed in the online shop yet. We can discuss the buying via email. I have sent you an email about purchasing details.

  3. I’m looking for a motorcontroller for the 10 inch hubmotor to be used in a rc car.

    The problem is that most controllers don’t have reverse function.

    I want the motors to be controlled by arduino/raspberry pi and also rc joysticks.

    Do you sell motorcontrollers for that?

    Also i want to build a 4wd wheelchair using 4 of these hubmotors, do you have a controller who can steer that?

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