KIT12SR, 12inch gearless scooter conversion kit. For the drive, it has front drive(KIT12SR-F,dropout size 100mm) version and rear drive (KIT12SR-R, dropout size 135mm)version.

12 inch small electric bike conversion kit 36v 250w. It is better to use DIY electric scooters.

We can also customize this kit o 24v 200w or 48v 350w version.

1. 36v 250w brushless 12 inch hub motor disc braking version.
2. 250w controller
3. throttle with key switch and battery indicator
4. brake lever.
5. disc brake set

The twist throttle has updated as follows:


twist throttle with battery power indicator

Buy it via paypal now from here

12inch gearless scooter conversion kit


12inch gearless scooter conversion kit thumb throttle verison


If you need a no drive wheel as the same shape, we also have it here

12inchfrontwheel 12nodrivewheel


16 thoughts on “air tire 12 inch 250w-350w electric scooter conversion kit

  1. Hello good afternoon, I would like to know if the 12-inch electric motor kit is for a T12 trikke scoter and if it can be personalized in the 48-volt version as well as if it has the battery and charger assembly that powers the electric motor and what cost would it cost to send it to the city of mexico

  2. Do you have a brushless 12″ 250W front wheel that will accept a brake disk and a pedelec control system?

  3. Hi, it’s possible to have more information about this motor in order to understand if it is suitable for my needs? In particular I need speed, net weight, efficiency and other dimensions (like diameter with and without tire, width). Thank you

  4. Bonjour, je ne vois pas de lien paypal pour le kit complet 12sr-r (roue arriere) en puissance 350w 36v (avec version pouce), c normal ? Vous le vendez encore et a quel prix pour livraison france ?
    C pour transformer une trottinette sportive en version motorisee !
    Auriez vous une solution encore moins lourde ?

  5. hello, I want to order this kit to convert my Sidewalker Atom kick scooter. All wheel measurements match my needs. I am only trying to find out the battery I will need and a reliable source to obtain one that matches this kit. Do you have any recommendations?

  6. I am looking for a 12″ hub motor, 24V. Highest wattage. Which motor is suggested?


  7. Hi, anything in this kit+size (12-13 inch) with a 500w (or higher) motor? Looking for a scooter conversion kit that will get me about a mile uphill with decent carry weight.

  8. Hi, I amlooking for 2 singleshaft hub-motors, 8-9 inch, for 24V BLDC, which shall have a speed of 8-15 km/h at full speed. Load on each wheel will be about 75 kg. Tyres may be massive but air tyres are best. Freight to Norway. Total price.

  9. Do you sell any 12 inch no power wheel (rim + tire) compatible with HUB12SR-F hub motor?

    • Sorry, we do not have no power 12 inch wheel like HUB12SR-F. It may need two weeks to make a no power front wheel.

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