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trikke t12 conversion kit
  • Model: BS90K
  • Price: USD185

12 inch geared electric scooter conversion kit. It is a freewheel motor, V brake, motor is very compact and the dropout size is 85mm-90mm. It is suitable for small fork size scooter to convert to electric, like trikke T12.

12 inch electric scooter conversion kit

12 inch small electric bike conversion kit 36v 250w. It is better to use DIY electric scooters.We can also customize this kit to 24v,36v or 48v from 180w-350w version. Speed from 15-30km/h.

1. 36v 250w brushless 12 inch hub motor disc braking version.
2. 250w controller
3. throttle with key switch and battery indicator
4. brake lever.

12 inch geared hub motor

27 responses to “air tire 12 inch 250w-350w electric scooter conversion kit”

  1. I have two Trikke T12’s that I want to convert to electricity. I need motor kits that fits the front 12″ wheel. Do you have those in stock? What do you recommend? What battery do I need?
    I am in the USA.
    Thank You.

    • we have the motor in stock but we have holidays now. We will back to work after 20th, Feb. For the battery, usually a 6ah-8ah battery is ok. And you can choose 48v or 36v version of this motor. And we can ship to USA.

      • Hello is 48V version have a faster speed than 36V also what is price of the kit with shipping to USA zip code 61341, I need 2 of these
        Thank you !!~

  2. Good night, I have a Trikke T12 Roadster and I want to make it completely electric. Do you have any complete kit, motor, wheel, controls, battery and charger that you have left to do the conversion?

  3. Hi I’m trying to install a rear motor hub wheel to my city bug kick scooter going from a 250w to a 350w they both are 36v but the scooter has a white wire and the new 350w wheel does not what am I doing wrong please help

  4. We are very interested in your product. Could you let us know the Torque rating along with the other specifications like weight, etc?

  5. what is the difference between front and rear kits the span 100/130 mm only?
    or cable lengths? what are the cable lengths?
    if i have rear span 100mm, is there any problem with mounting there the front wheel?

    • Only the dropout size is different. You can install front drive motor to rear wheel if your rear fork size is ok.

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