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  • Model: MI250
  • Price: USD135

For the replacement of xiaomi mijia electric scooter, The motor power 36v 350w, peak power 500w, max speed is about 40km/h, rated speed is about 30-35km/h. max torque 16N.m. 81/2-2 tire air tire.xiaomi m365 motor replacement is available again. You can buy it directly from our online store here https://www.uumotor.com/ws/p/8-5-inch-xiaomi-m365-electric-scooter-front-drive-motor-replacement/

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  1. Is there any alternative? I saw on Amazone the same tire/motor with 500W but but i cant order it to germany…. what a pitty! So can you tell me when it is back in stock? Or just another site where they have this motor with 500watts and they will send to germany? I would really appreciate that!!! Thank y’all and happy new Year ?

  2. Hello! I’m interested in this motor. Can you send me the datasheet document by email. Do you have the same motor of higher power?

  3. Es un timo, no es el motor el que hace alcanzar 40 km/h sino la batería… espero que nadie caiga en este timo.

  4. Hi, with the new more powerful motor – will this mean that the scooter will climb hills without having to kick push with my foot. At the moment the scooter struggles to run continuously up hills that around 15 to 20 degrees or more. I weigh 60kg’s, and really want the scooter to seamlessly carry me up hills that aren’t too steep. Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Is this really a faster motor?
    As in all I replace is this motor on my m365 and it will now do 40 kmph real world with no additional charges?
    No firmware changes or battery changes no change to BMS nothing but this motor and my xaoimi will now do 40kmph ?
    I feel like this is the same motor, as I’m sure the original motor is rated to go 40kmph if I gave it more power (modified the bms)
    Please let me know for sure if this will make my m365 do 40kmph I’ll buy it straight away.
    Also is 40kmph the MAXIMUM this motor could ever go?
    What if I doubled my batteries and set them up in parallel to put out up to twice the power?
    I really want to do everything possible to increase speed and range of my m365 my goal is to get it to 50kmph and increase the acceleration / torque

    • the motor is real fast and the original controller may be not ok to provide big current for the motor and some times, the original controller may shut down the motor power dutu the over heating of controller.

  6. So if I install this motor to xiaomi m365 electric scooter, it will go faster than with the old motor?

  7. The description is the same as the original but it is written 40 km / h.
    Then how can I go faster with this than with the original?

  8. is there anyway that this hub can spin/ operate with out useing a speed controler. basically with a switch where its either on or off. if so can you explain . thanks

  9. Hi, I have stupidly snapped some of the wires to the motor while changing the tire, is there any way to fix the wires or could I just buy a new motor and will that solve the issue? Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hearing your advice.

      • Thank you for your reply, I have tried this option although the wires are broken too close to the middle shaft. I have decided on replacing the motor. But the main problem I have is, If I buy the motor online, I have no idea how to hook up the new motor once it arrives. Is there any tutorial or instructions anywhere on the internet or an easy explanation for a simple woman like me?

        • it is not easy, out motor is not original xiaomi motor. You need to change controller wires method to let the controller and motor marched well.

  10. How can I access the controls inside the front tube? Can the tube be disassembled? How can I disconnect the old cables and connect the cables of the new motor?

    thanks best regards


  11. can you please provide exact measurements for the hub motor (not only the tire ) i need end axel , end hub and all the info

    thanks best regards

  12. How do you install the new motor. I burnt my motor out so have ordered a new motor but not sure where the wires are to plus in / connect. Cheers

  13. Hey,
    I try to put a new tube on the front tyre
    but the air pump thingy wont go in the hole, cause its too tight.
    i saw that there is a small plastic thingy that controls the movement of the air pump, so i tried to reach it..
    I tried opening the cover of the motor with tx20 – i removed all the screws but it still wont open,
    how can i open it?

    • the air pump valve is really hard to remove, no good ways. open the cover does not help to make the air pump out. You could change the tire to hollow tire(no air tube)

    • I have the same problem with the valve just today! I got a flat and I can not pull the valve out of the hole. I bought solid tires now, just waiting it to arrive. I will saw the current valve to make it shorter and remove it

  14. Can u provide kit with drive and non drive wheels, with controller, and disc brake on one or both wheels

  15. My cousin gave me his old Xiaomi m365 e scooter,the problem is,the circuit board is broken and I cannot start it without it.besides buying one new,can I just put a off on switch on it instead?.

        • every motor will heat up if it is overloaded. This motor 90kg is ok, not heat up quick. And if also the motor wires broken also can make the motor heat.

    • Hello tony how are you ? My main concern is the speed or power of my Xiaomi m365 , I’m 220 lbs every time I ride my scooter a little bit uphill it run very very slow sometimes I just push the scooter & walked with it is there any solution to make my scooter faster r at least a little additional peer , pls text me if you don’t mind my text number is (626)316-8053 my name is oscar I really appreciate if you do thsnks? Or email me

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