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  • Model: HB6GL
  • Price: USD115

The HB6GL motor is inner hollow tire, out diameter is 170mm(about 6.5inch).24v 250w 20km/h, 36v 350w 30km/h. This is a total black gearless hub motor with hall sensors, reversible, the dropout size is 65mm. We could customize it to mono shaft version too.

The motor has no mechanical braking, it needs controller has e braking function.

HB6GL  HB6GL-2 HB6GL-3 HB6GL-Drawing

We also have the e braking controller and motor kit as follows, they are USD185 per set.


16 responses to “30km/h 350w 6.5 inch gearless brushless hub motor”

  1. Hello, I am planning to mount a drive wheel to the back of a Flowboard, a type of skateboard with 14 wheels mounted on two curved axles. The wheel would be mounted on a swing arm with springs connected from the swing arm to the tail of the board to apply downward wheel pressure and to allow movement of the wheel up and down. The board leans up to 45 degrees into turns so the tire should be curved for optimal contact with the concrete.

    I would like to mount the battery and controller on the bottom of the board if possible. If there’s not enough clearance I think carrying the battery in a backpack could work. I would also like a pistol grip wireless speed controller if possible. I want it be capable of speeds above 20 mph with the ability to climb moderate hills.

    Can you advise me on the best package for this project?
    Thanks! Morgan

  2. i have a sit down foldable e scooter that is ruiing a 250 watt 36v 6in hub motor. It does not brake in front but does in rear. Basiclly front wheel drive. Will this be able to replace and make it have that power im looking for? If so, im in california and what would it be to get to me? And you have any suggestions on where I could have that in stock because I am electronic idiot.

    • Hi Jason,

      To check if our motor could work on your escooter, we need to know what your original motor dropout size, we need to check whether our motor can be put into your front wheel fork. For other thing, we can help you via give you wiring connection guide.

  3. Hello,
    I would like to know the weight of the motor, the max load and its max speed with max load.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi
    I have Escooter with 24V 120 W engine. I want to upgrade it. Is it possible to make for you 350 W or more and 24 V motor with drum break? How much does it cost to send to Norway? Thank you

  5. Hello! Can this hub motor be plugged in to replace a hoverboard motor? I guess what I mean is: Is this motor compatible with self-balancing electronics? Thank you!

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