A little bigger than 5 inch motor HB5GL2, the motor data is the same as our 5 inch motor. This 5.5 inch is a new Gearless with hall sensors24-36v,200w-250w,20km/h-25km/h.

We could also customize 48v version if you like.


HB5GL2-2 HB5GL2-1 HB5GL2 HB5GL2-3


We also have the completed motor, controller throttle and braking kit as follows:



15 thoughts on “5.5 inch new brushless gearless small scooter motor

  1. Hi, would like to know your controller throttle for the motor. What interface does it run on? RS232/485/422? Or analogue signal?

  2. Hi, do you have a higher specs motor that could go speed up to 50km/h (without load) , on a 5.5inch size brushless motor ?

    • yes, 48v version is ok, but so fast speed is not good for this motor life.

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