6.5 inch 350w brushless servo hub motor with encoder

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6.5 inch 350w robot motor
  • Model: SVH6HD
  • Price: USD145

Wires color define:

3 thick wires: yellow(phase A), green(phase B), blue(phase C):

9 thin wires:

  1. red(+5V,for motor hall sensors and encoder),
  2. black(GND),
  3. yellow(hall a),green(hall b),blue(hall c):
  4. white(encoder A),purple/brown(encoder B)
  5.  gray and orange (thermal resistor wires)

We have 4 inch servo hub motor,  4.5 inch sevo wheel motor, 5 inch agv servo hub motor, 5.5inch, 6.5 inch and 8 inch servo hub motor with encoder for robot, AGV, RGV, dual shaft and mono shaft version. And you can buy it directly here via paypal https://www.uumotor.com/ws/p-cat/servo-hub-motor/

The servo hub motor wheel main parameter:
Rated voltage: 24v,36v,48v
Motor weight: 3.4kg
Poles: 15 pairs
Rated Power: 100w-350w
Rated speed: 400-500RPM
Rated current: 3-17A(peak current 35A)Diameter: 168mm
Rated torque: 5N.M (peak torque 10N.M)
max load: 120KG
Encoder type: 1024 line Incremental Photoelectric Encoder

6.5 inch 350w encoder hub mtoor
6.5 inch hub motor
6.5 inch servo hub motor
350w servo robot motor
6.5 inch hub motor drawing

20 responses to “6.5 inch 350w brushless servo hub motor with encoder”

  1. I need the electrical technical data for this and other motors like coil inductance etc. for drive selection.

  2. Can we use an external ESC(electronic speed controller) with a microcontroller or processor like raspberry Pi?

  3. What is the suggested controller for this motor?
    I could not find this product on your online store, please share the link.

  4. Hi,
    I have Bajaj Indian scoter fitted with petrol engine, i want to change it with electric operated so advise further the cost of kit and process of retrofitting, should be used front wheel drive or rear wheel with rated speed, all acceseries and battery backup in terms of distance covered.

  5. Hi sir,
    May I know the price of this particular motor. And is there any motors available below[$300] expected top speed 60-75km. And will it shipped to India

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