14 inch tractor tire 1000w hub motor with encoder

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tractor tyre hub motor with encoder
  • Model: SV8H14T
  • Price: USD380

high torque 14 inch 1000w solid tractor tire robot brushless dc hub motor with encoder, the rated torque 70 Nm, max torque 120N.m. It is a single shaft gearless, brushless dc servo hub motor with Magnetoelectric encoder. The rim is removable and 6.5 inch rim, it can be used for different tires and easy to replace the tires. It is good for argriculture robot, tractor and so on.

Voltage48VMotor weight15KG
Power1000 WattEfficiency>83%
Speed150-250RPMPole pairs20
Current5-18A(peak 35A)load<300KG
Torque70N.m(max 120N.M)TireHollow rubber tire
Diameter350MM(14 inch)WaterproofIP65
Encoder1024 line Magnetoelectric encodersensorhall sensors
14 inch high torque robot motor
14 inch 1000w encoder motor
14 inch high torque motor with encoder