4.5 inch robot AGVs 350w hub servo motor

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  • Model: SVH4B
  • Price: USD165

We have 4 inch hub servo motor, 4.5 inch sevo wheel motor5 inch agv servo hub motor, 5.5inch, 6.5 inch servo hub motor and 8 inch servo hub motor with encoder for robot, AGV, RGV, dual shaft and mono shaft version.

Wires color define:

3 thick wires: yellow(phase A), green(phase B), blue(phase C):

9 thin wires:

  1. red(+5V,for motor hall sensors and encoder),
  2. black(GND),
  3. yellow(hall a),green(hall b),blue(hall c):
  4. white(encoder A),purple/brown(encoder B)
  5.  gray and orange (thermal resistor wires)

Sample buying link https://www.uumotor.com/ws/p-cat/servo-hub-motor/

The servo hub motor wheel main parameter:
Rated voltage: 24v,36v
Motor weight: 3kg
Poles: 10 pairs
Rated Power: 100w-350w servo motor for agv
Rated speed: 200-300RPM
Rated troque: 6N.m(peak torque:12N.m)
Rated current: 5-15A(peak:30A)
Diameter: 121mm
Encoder type: 1024 line Incremental Photoelectric Encoder

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