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1500w 2000w 20 inch fat bike motor wheel

Model: PYD175SG

Price: USD145 with front no drive wheel


it is a brushless gearless hub motor for 20 inch electric snow bike/off road bike, need to use 20×4.0 tube and tire. This is a rear wheel drive motor, and we also have front no drive wheels. And if you like a front dirve motor, we can also make. This motor is 48v1500w 50km/h, 60v 2000w 60km/h, dropout 175mm, single gear cassette usage. We alse have more powerful 20 inch hub motor, like 3000w, 5000w, 6000w. Please noted the default motor cable is just bear cable, if you need special motor cable or connector, please do inform us.

The above price dose not includ tires and shipping cost. If you need tires, that will be USD59 extra needed.

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