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6 inch hub motor, disc braking, geared
  • Model: HL6SD
  • Price: USD105

The motor is very durable, it can work under 30A current from 24v-48v battery, please noted the defual version rated voltage is 24v, if you use on 36v or 48v battery, it brings you more power and torque but also higher speed.

Voltage:12V 24V 36V 48VElectric motors:Brushless dc geared motor
Tire type:Solid RubberColour:Silver
Structure:Permanent MagnetTorque:10~35Nm
Rated voltage:12/24/36/48VRated Power (Watts):65-180/180-250/250-350/250-500
Speed:5-25km/hSpeed (RPM):100-600rpm
Wheel type:Aluminium materialScope of application:Scooter,Recreational vehicle,Electric bicycle
Length:152mmNet Weight (Kg):2.9
Gross Weight (kg):3.2Effectiveness:75-86%
Production:Jiangsu ChinaRim size: 6 inch
Product Features:

Waterproof,Totally Enclosed Small volume, light weight, large torque, high efficiency, stable performance, cost-effective superi

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