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  • Model: MDB350
  • Price: USD115

MBB350This electric bike mid drive conversion kit is very good for DIY MTB to electric mountain bike. It will help the bike to climb slope. We have two power version, that is 24v 350w version and 36V 250w version.

Specification and list:

1. 24V/36V 350W brush mid drive motor
2. 350w brush motor controller
3. big sprocket
4. crank
5. motor bracket
6. mid axle
7. throttle with battery indicator and key switch
8. chain
9. U nuts
10. controller box(black and white available)
11. other parts.

Kit detail photos:

MBB350_1 MBB350_2 MBB350_3 MBB350_4 MBB350_5 MBB350_6 MBB350_7 MBB350_8 MBB350_9 MBB350_10 MBB350_11 MBB350_12 MBB350_13 MBB350_14 MBB350_15 MBB350_16 MBB350_17

17 responses to “mid drive kit for DIY electric bike 350w”

  1. Hi,
    I would like to know following
    1. What is the maximum speed
    2. Distance in Km travelled in one charge
    3. Battery life in number of charge for 24 v battery
    4. shipping charges to India

  2. Can i get it in india, or you will despatch directly? What is the landed cost in india for the model mid drive kit for DIY electric bike 350w. i want to convert my old bike. based on the fit and function i am thinking of doing conversion business. Need your help pls.

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