This a powerful and high speed electric bike conversion kit. It is also suitable for electric motorcycle conversion, max speed 100km/h. The UMB3K includes:
1. spoked hub motor 3kw/5kw: 48v, 60v,72v, 84v or 96v
2. 3 kw/5kw brushless motor controller ( suit for 48v, 60v,72v, 84v, 96v )
3. brake levers
4. throttle
5. three levers buttons for adjust speed
6. single freewheel(optional)
7. disc braking plate(optional)




The motor dropout size is 149mm.  This motor kit if used for electric motorcycle, the wheel rim size we have 16inch, 17inch, 19inch and 21inch.  If it is for electric bicycle, the wheel rim size will be 20inch, 24inch, 26inch and 28inch.

For this UMB3K motor, we can also make it 5kw version, which max speed can reach 120km/h3kw version motor(USD350) weight is 10.5kg, 5kw version  motor(USD390) weight is  12.5kg.

UMB3K testing data 72V3000W                                 3kw-5KW motor drawing


80 thoughts on “3kw-5kw electric bike hub motor and conversion kit

    • Also, i’m trying to fit it to a Honda cub and so there is a large compartment space in the fuel tank. A previous version of this build was made by shanghai customs but i cannot find where they have gotten their motors, controllers and batteries from

  1. looking for a motor for motorcycle 18inch rim. 60v bike and rider weight is just under 300kg.
    can you tell me what motor i need? and what a guestimate of the top speed would be..
    also how much for shipping to australia?

  2. Hi what is the highest wattage motor that can be mounted to a 16 inch bike rim? Also is the 16″wheel compatible with rim brakes? Thanks

    • this one 96v is the highest, and it is ok to use rim brake, but it is better to use disc brake.

  3. What would be the concern if I took the 96v 21 inch hub and replaced the rim with a 26″?

  4. Hello there,
    I’m thinking about getting a 96v 5kw motor with a 17″ motorcycle rim. What type of top speed would I be a able to expect with that setup? And also, what is the selling price for such a setup shipped to Oregon (USA)?

    • The top speed is 70km/h. We have the motor,controller, throttle and so on included in the kit, you need to buy battery. We do not have battery.

  5. Hi I would like a 3kw rear hub motor kit built into a 24 inch wheel.
    I would like to be able to archive 60-70 km per hour.
    Please can you tell me the price and shipping cost to the UK.

  6. I need a 5,000 hub motor for my fat bike 26×4 with speed gears, and an rim with spokes if possible please.

  7. Hey I need a motor for converting my CVT into a hybrid one I need a hub motor for the rear wheel 90/90-12,tyre dimension
    I need a top speed of about 60-80
    Can you suggest me a motor for this
    With web link for the motor would really help..
    Or where could I buy
    I need to run it at a minimum speed of 25kmph for 10 km at a max battery consumption of 1kwh ( this is the rule for the compition)
    Please help me with this

  8. I want 17 inches Bldc hub motor 1.5 kilowatt which can carry the 180 kilograms weight.please reply to me fast

  9. What would be the suitable battery volt and ampere to run 3kw bldc motor in its top speed?

  10. I want to convert a gas scooter/motorcycle with 10 inch tire, what should I buy, a 10 inch hub motor or lower size hub motor? If i order hub motor does it come with kit for my converted scooter to be a fully operational e-scooter? do you deliver in the Philippines or you have a distributor or dealer there?

  11. How do I program this controller ? Is it Bluetooth or USB ? Do you sell a cable to program it or it for factory use only ?
    Will it run at 36 volts ?

  12. HI,

    Does the controller support a digital interface?

    1. Trottle input
    2. Wheel rotation sensor output

    Best regards
    Leif Auke

  13. hi,i m looking for 3kw hub motor kits.How much does it cost and how much does shipping cost to Malaysia ?How long does shipping takes?Do you supply battery and charger?

  14. hi,i m interest on your 3kw electric motor.Is it comes in one set which include the throttle,controller,brake ?Does you supply battery and charger also?How much of the set and the battery? Does it possible to shipping to Malaysia and how long it takes?How long warranty for the motor and others components?

    • we can supply all the kit, motor, controller throttle, and so on. However, we do not supply battery any longer.

  15. What will happens if supplied power will be not constant but changing?

  16. I need a. 5kW 21″ front hub wheel for my off-road bike, so is your motor fully waterproof? I was aiming only to use when its required for hill climbs and deep mud, using 96 volt battery.

    What is your price to the UK for a hub wheel and controller?



    • It is a pity that this motor is not a totally water proof motor. The size, voltage and power is no problem for this motor.

  17. Hi, I’m Matías Díaz and I’m building and electric tricycle for an electric car competition and I would like to check if your 3 or 5 kW hub motor could satisfies the following requirements:

    To drive a 200 kg vehicle, running 3 hours per day
    To reach 60-70 km per hour peak.
    Rear wheel, 26″
    Disk brake
    Accessories includes: throttle, brakes, cruise speed

    Regenerative brake
    LCD display
    Pedal assistance system

    If your kid could feet to the above requirements, how much does it cost?.
    Moreover, how much and how long could take the shipment to Chile -please consider an express shipment method-.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  18. Am I able to get a 5kw 19″ kit with a rim to suit fat tires and disc brakes?
    How much would it cost?
    Do you ship to Australaia?

  19. Hi i woud love one of ur 3kw kits for 26 inch mtb with batery pack can u tell me how much it will cost me with shiping to the uk

  20. Hi
    I want to know that how much torque 3 kW of your hub motor produced ??
    I need it for 17 inch of my motorcycle.
    Do you have any performance testing on 3 kW of motor ?


  21. Good morning, my name is Enrico Carmellini, usually do e-bikes very powerful and beautiful. However, for an experimental vehicle, they need from you, or from a competitors, 2 motors inside a wheel.
    Each wheel must mount a tire from 110/80 R19.
    From this it follows that each motor must be within a wheel rim for motorcycle 19 “.
    The power must be from 5000 Watts, to have a lot of shooting and the minimum torque shall be 120 Nm for each motor.
      I need the kit complete with control unit and connecting cables and programming (number two complete kits).
    Can you help me, please ???
    My website:
    Best regards and thanks.
    Enrico Carmellini

  22. l want motor & battery detail for trike having 200kg weight. Also prise & shipping charges.

  23. Hello
    If we are interested to buy some motors and parts from you.

    Who would be our contact person?
    Name, e-mail etc?

    Thank you and

  24. I need this motor for a bicycle. Can you make:
    10mm axle
    4turn stator (slow wind)
    So it accepts regular bicycle disc brakes.
    Also, what is the with of the stator?
    Thank you!

    • We have 2kw and 3kw version can work with the bicycle rear wheel, but only can adapt with single speed gear.

  25. I am interested in the 3000w motor.

    will this fit onto a regular 26” rim bike

  26. can i add rear multi cog set instead of the single bronze cog in picture?
    For gearing.

  27. im interested in 5 kw hub motor with rim. hill climbing and speed is important so what batteries do you recommend?
    looking at good range.

    luke, sydney australia

  28. I’m interested in the 5kW version motor.
    1. Can it be for 26″ with 1.95 inner tube wheel? What is the lead time?
    2. Can this be mounted to the front wheel?
    3. Do you have a picture for the throttle control and other accessories?
    4. How stable can you hold a certain speed?
    5. What type to battery do you recommend?

    • The motor is usually for motorcycles, the max wheel we have now is 21 inch.

      • From the description, is the 3kW for bicycle and 5kW for motorcycles? Is there a dimension difference between them?

  29. Hi, I am interested for 3 kW hub motor with disc brakes for motor cycle conversion. Wheel size 19″ and weighing 190 kg, with gas engine. Kindly suggest me on the batteries size/weight suitable for this conversion with LiFe P04 batteries. Further to my querry , if I can use two hub motors simultaneously for a trike of same capacity. If so will both the hub will move with one throttle ? And kindly update if shipping can be in India also. regards

    • It is battery to use a 40ah or higher capacity battery. To control by only one throttle is ok.

  30. If I would like to buy one motor which is like Steve’s wishes (60V 3KW version and Max speed is 80km/h), Can You help me for batterys. I would like to drive more than 250km nonstop. So, I would like to know batterys capatiy and battery pack price for it.
    I also check shipment price, It’s very expensive for me. Can you send me motor and battery pack by china post free? Or, If you send me by china post, How much I’ll pay for Izmir port in Turkey.
    Thx for your help.

    • To drive 250km, it is too long. That will need a very big battery. For the 3kw motor, a 60v 30ah or 40ah battery is ok.

    • Email us at about what wheel size and power version do you need, we also your shipping address.

      We will email you back about the pricing and payment motheds.

  31. Hi
    I am looking for a 26″ bike conversion complete kit rear wheel with a motor that can go up to 70-80kmh.
    Do you have one available for shipping to USA Florida?

    • Hello Steve,

      We have to make the motor for you, the lead time is 10 days. I suggest you buy 60V 3KW version, price USD610 and shipping cost to USA is USD200.

      Total cost USD810.

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