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5kw electric bike kit
  • Model: UMB5K
  • Price: USD360

This a powerful and high speed 5kw electric bike conversion kit. It is also suitable for electric motorcycle conversion, max speed 70-80km/h. motor dropout size is 150mm or 170mm.

The UMB5K includes:
1. spoked hub motor 5kw: 48v, 60v,72v,
2. 5kw brushless motor controller ( suit for 48v, 60v,72v )
3. brake levers
4. throttle
5. two levers buttons for adjust speed

Optional: PAS USD15, LCD display USD30



The motor dropout size is 150mm/170MM.  The rim is 26×2.6 standard, and it is also ok to make you fat bike rim and tire 26×4.0.

For this UMB5K motor, a 5kw e bike hub motor, which max speed can reach 80km/h.  

3kw-5KW motor drawing

113 responses to “5kw electric bike hub motor and conversion kit”

  1. Can these be configured for lower speed, more torque, for hauling loads? And can it run in reverse? Looking to build powered bike cart, that can double as hand cart for loads.

  2. Hello,

    I am looking for 19 inch, it is to replace a 150cc (rated approx 5kw). I am looking for 60km Range minimum, can you advise on a recommended battery capacity (yes I know weight also plays a factor).

    • I built my battery pack myself, 16s(60v) 6p(1 KWh) and with my 26″ mountain bike setup I can get around 30km – 45km depending on weather and riding. the whole thing cost me $350 tho lol.

  3. Hello again,
    I have a few more questions:
    1. How many watts does it draw on 72v witj no load?
    2. What is the maximum and minimum and minimum watt draw?
    3. Does the controller have regerative braking?

  4. hello,
    I am looking for a brushless hub motor for an electric reverse trike build,
    it will need to be mounted to a 22 inch bike wheel, be powered by 48 volts, 60 – 70k/hr,
    and it needs plenty of torque for rough surfaces.
    shipping to Texas, USA
    let me know if you have any that meet these requirements,

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