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16inch electric motorcycle motor
  • Model: QS16-U

16 inch powerful electric motorcycle motor, max rated power 8000 watt (8kw). Rated voltage 60v,72v,96v and so on.Packing size 52cm x 52cm x 32cm, Packing Weight:27kg. Dropout size 200mm, max climbing capacity 25%, max efficiency 85%. We can customize this motor speed and power as per  your request.

Model No.Rated powerrated voltagerated speedbraking typetyre typemotor weightpacking size
QS16-U12000w48V/-96V60km/h ~ 70km/hDisc brake110/80- 16inch24kg52cm x 52cm x 32cm
QS16-U22500w48V/-96V70km/h ~ 80km/hDisc brake110/80- 16inch24kg52cm x 52cm x 32cm
QS16-U33000w48V/-96V70km/h ~ 90km/hDisc brake110/80- 16inch24kg52cm x 52cm x 32cm
QS16-U43500w48V/-96V70km/h ~ 95km/hDisc brake110/80- 16inch24kg52cm x 52cm x 32cm
QS16-U54000w60V-96V70km/h ~ 100km/hDisc brake110/80- 16inch24kg52cm x 52cm x 32cm
QS16-U65000w60V-96V70km/h ~ 100km/hDisc brake110/80- 16inch24kg52cm x 52cm x 32cm
QS16-U76000w60V-96V70km/h ~ 100km/hDisc brake110/80- 16inch24kg52cm x 52cm x 32cm
QS16-U87000w60V-108V70km/h ~ 110km/hDisc brake110/80- 16inch24kg52cm x 52cm x 32cm
QS16-U98000w60V-108V70km/h ~ 120km/hDisc brake110/80- 16inch24kg52cm x 52cm x 32cm

35 responses to “16 inch electric motorcycle motor 2000w to 8000w”

  1. Dear Seller,
    it is possible to have details of RIM: I need to understand the RIM width or RIM specific dimension.
    EG 16” x 3.5 RIM width
    I found also drawing specification in case of 17” motors.
    Do you have any drawing spec related to the 16” ?

    I am interested to buy this motor:
    70km/h ~ 120km/h
    Disc brake
    110/80- 16inch
    52cm x 52cm x 32cm

    thank you for your support.

  2. Hello, thank you for accepting my inquiry. What are the prices and shipping cost of both the QS16-U1 2000w and QS16-U2 2500w 16″ motors please? I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thanks..

  3. Hi, so for a larger motorcycle that uses are a rear tire of 130/90-16, can this rim take a larger tire? If so, which do you recommend?

    Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/Mile Difference
    130/90-16 4.6in 12.6in 25.2in 79.2in 800 0.0%

    Thank you,

  4. I have a 2012 email scooter 48 V 500 W hub motor looking to replace it with a 500 W to 800 W have motor 16 x 3 rear tire do you carry

  5. Im looking for2each 16″×4″ 6000w mono shaft do you carry different colors? Must be 96v or more black is ok please send prices

  6. Hi Tony:
    I would like to know if possible for you to build a motor for my electric motorcycle with the following specifications.
    Motor: QS16-U1 16″
    1500 Watts
    Installation size: 200mm
    Tire: Tubeless
    Tire size: 120/80-16
    Speed 55 to 60 km/h
    Please, let me know if so, I’ll buy one ASAP
    Awaiting your respond.
    Rene Garcia

  7. Hi im looking for 8000w mid drive motor with 96v 80ah battery electric Dp 2rd motorcycle. And can you provide shipping time and price to Marysville Washington United States? Thankyou so much.

  8. In u.s. dollars how much does the 16-inch cost .I would like to build a electric motorcycle .could you tell me what speed controls I have to have, for this or do you sell speed controls with handlebar throttle. how much would a complete kit be for a rim and speed control throttle kit.

  9. Good day,
    We also interested in using as a alternative for the Sasol Solar Challenge 2016 next year the 3000W, 3500W or 4000W 16 inch motor cycle units. Again can you supply us with the Power, Torque, Voltage, RPM and Efficiency curves for these units, also the prices of these motors and what regenerative controllers are available for these motors, where to get them from.

  10. Dear Sir,

    I have a Question for you?
    I have bike Yamaha FZ 16 153c.c. and I want to convert into a electric bike.
    Can I put 8000w motor in it ?
    its a good motor with upper your website write about that motor 70km/h ~ 120km/h and Disc brake 110/80- 16inch 24kg .

    but I want to know can its available in 20inch or 22inchs?

    please guide me…

    • I am sorry , for the motorcyle motor,we do not have the 20inch or bigger motor. Please noted that our motorcycle motor size is the motor rim size, not the size after assemble the tire.

  11. i want bldc hub motor for rear wheel for yamaha to convert my bike into hybrid petrol and electric in india please let me know the motor please and price 2kw

  12. i want to conevrt my yamaha fz to elecrtic hybrid bike with 2000w mbldc hub motor and i need yamaha fz rear wheel suitable motor both elecrtic and gas motor with chain run

  13. I would like to convert a Reliant kitten car to electrice car so can you recomend a ev car kit and what hat is the cost of the kit, or can i just use the trik kit itself?

  14. Hello!

    I seek an engine cube of 8000Watts for use in car, the rear wheels for wheel rim 15 “.
    With pretense of achieving an average speed of 100km / h. Do you also sell the controller batteries? If not, can also specify which should I use? E or indicate battery supplier, and Driver?


    Cruz, Marcos

    • We do not sell controller and battery now. For the controller, you may have a try kelly controller. And for the battery, you may find cheap battery from Guangzhou.

  15. Hi,
    What should be the parameters for the controller (ampere etc.) for 72V 7kw version of this motor? Do you have any suggestion for controller brand and model?



    • Hello Bekir,

      A 72v 300A(phase current) to 72V 500A(phase current) controller should be ok for this 72v 7kw motor.

  16. I want one set of 5000W 16inch Brushless Hub Motor for E-scooter. please, tell me price, how to send and how to pay for it . I pick up the package delivery time as well so please tell me I’m too hurry.

    Thanks for your cue
    Maryam Karimi
    Msc. student of Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran

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