HB8GD is a thin 8 inch hub motor is gearless, drum braking. Motor Weight: 3.2kg. The tyre size(hollow non-inflatable tire) is 200mm, dropout size is 110mm. For a controller and motor kit, please refer to this https://www.uumotor.com/8-inch-drum-braking-electric-scooter-conversion-kit.html

The standard version is 36v 350w, max speed 35km/h.

Motor power and speed customizable range:

Voltage: 24V,36V,48V

Power: 200W to 350W


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Buying guide: 8 inch e braking motor, hollow non-inflatable tire 65mm dropout size




6 thoughts on “drum braking 8 inch hub motor 350w

  1. Hi I am interested in purchasing this item. How fast is your shipping to australia?

  2. Hi, i am interested in buying this hubmotor but will it be possible to make it a disc brake motor? 48V 1500rpm 450W or higher?

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