The kit UUKIT5S includes:

1. 5 inch hub motor gearless dropout size  68mm

2. brushless motor controller with EABS braking (regenerative braking), reverse, auto-cruising, speed limit.

3. thumb throttle with switch button and battery indicator/or/twist throttle with switch key lock and battery indicator.

4. braking levers/or/2 switch button control.

The standard version of this motor is 36V 250W, rated speed 22km/h,24v 250w, 17km/h. We can also make it in 24V/36V/48V version. It is a gearless motor and high speed,the max speed we can customize to 48v 250w 35km/h.


thumb throttle version


twist throttle version


half-twist throttle version

wmtc01-no LCD dispaly version wire explain.

controller wires guide

The motor details, please refer to this

e braking 5 inch motor


The UUKIT5SC and UUKIT5SD motors are band braking version, motor dropout size is 100mm.

We have a great mini go kart to recommend here:

mini go kart


25 thoughts on “5 inch hub motor DIY electric scooter kit

  1. Any thoughts on how it would work at low speeds – 1-4mph? In particular, what kind of power characteristics (volt/amp/power drain) will it exhibit?

    • Sorry. This is gearless motor, we can not make such lower speed version.

      • I assume that you’d control the speed the way you control any dc motor – change the voltage and the duty cycle; and that the thing will run at low speeds, if only when starting from a standing stop.

        Which brings us back to the question of what are it’s characteristics when running with the throttle at the very low end?

      • Hi Tony,

        I’ve had some low quality bikes w/small watt motors in the past. I think I want to go all out and get a powerful motor–at least 2000watt rear wheel set up. And obviously a lithium battery to go with it.
        Could you recommend any makers for both motor and battery?

        thanks, Brian

  2. Hello
    how much does it cost the delivery to the indonesia?
    How long does it take the delivery to the indonesia??
    Do u accept paypall?

  3. Hello.
    What is the cost for 8 kits for shipment to Mexico City and what is the delivery time?

  4. Hello,

    I’m interested in ordering 2 sets of 4 inch kit, 36V 250W, with shipping to California, USA.

    Thank you,

  5. Do you sell this kit with the 4 inch motor version?

    How much and how long it takes to deliver in Mexico City DF, Mexico.



    • Yes, we can provide the 4 inch kit, what voltage and power do you need? It may takes 10 days to delivery in Mexico.

  6. hello
    i am interested in this kit,which charger and batterys required for the motor and would it be enough for about 90 kilos?thanks and also do you send to turkey also.

    • Hello Hursit,

      We do not have battery. for 90km per charging, it need a big ampere hour battery, maybe a 40ah battery. We do send to turkey.

  7. Hello
    how much does it cost the delivery to the UK?
    How long does it take the delivery to the UK??


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