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  • Model: BM481500
  • Price: USD135 

Small but powerful electric brushless dc motor for electric mobility. It is good to replace razor electric dirtbike/motorycle MX500,MX650,SX500, RSF650 and so on.

Direct buying link https://www.uumotor.com/ws/p/48-60v-1500w-2000w-small-motor-bike-brushless-dc-motor/

Rated Power: 1.6kw(1600w)
Rated Speed: 3900rpm
Rated Torque:3.8N.m
Max torque: 6.5N.m
Rated Current: 35A
Net Weight: 3.6kg
Gear teeth:11pcs
Chain Sprocket: T8F

For the test data, please refer to this  481600curving&data

The motor is very good for  updating the Razor MX650, we have a customer wrote a post here:

The sprocket on the original motor swapped directly on the the brushless motor with no modifications and was a perfect fit so I ran with it.  One point to notice is that from the face of the stock motor to the middle of the sprocket was 14mm.  From the face of the brushless motor to the middle of the sprocket was 16mm.  This was resolved by putting a 2mm washer in between the face of the motor and the motor mount thereby holding the motor back such that the sprocket was in the original position.  You’ll notice there was a 10mm difference in length so on the backside I needed 8mm spacers to make up the difference.  A combination of a spacer and a washer was perfect.  Ace Hardware had them.  The mounting holes were identical to that of the original motor and the original bolts were long enough that they could be used so the swap was easy.  The new ESC is a bit larger but will still fit in the existing location.  I placed it up where the 3rd lead battery went as I’m not using that area.

The detail post link is here https://support.electricscooterparts.com/support/discussions/topics/1000082529?page=1

39 responses to “high speed mid drive 48v 1600w electric scooter motor”

  1. Hello,
    I hope you are doing well.
    I am very interested in this motor! I just need to know what number of Poles does this motor have inside to know if my controller can work with it.
    Waiting for your quick reply.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Tony,

    I want to upgrade my son’s razor to the 2000 watt motor. Do you have any designs for battery configurations that meet either the 60 or 72 volt ratings and fit the frame?



  3. I have the Razor MX 650 and I want to upgrade it with the 48v 1600w motor and controller. Is this literally all I need to make this work properly?? I don’t need to get a new throttle or sprocket??

  4. Hi Tony,
    I need the price of a 1600w or a 2000w motor. I will be operating at 48 volts.
    I understand the 2000 watt motor has a heat issue or maybe they have that taken care of now. so if you could give me a price on a 1600 w Motor and a controller and a throttle with the voltage meter build in, I believe that’s all I need for my mx650. Thanks Fred

  5. First, confirm your motor frame is 135mm end to to end. I purchased a 135mm and received a 145mm – won’t fit on the Razor MX650!

    For this motor to work on a Razor MX650, the motor shaft will have to rotate CW when looking at the end of the shaft. I am running 72-V, so I have a 48-V 1800W BLDC motor connected to a 72-V 60-A sine wave controller, and the motor rotates “CCW” when looking a the shaft end. I need “CW” rotation.

    Does your stock motor rotate CW with a standard BLDC motor controller? Or does “your” controller have a “reverse” connector to jumper for reverse rotation? Is it possible to wire the phase and hall wires differently to rotate in opposite direction – “CW”.

    I want to run a 72-V battery pack & controller. I assume your controller will not run at 72V – please confirm.
    So what is the difference in the 48-V version vs. the 60-V version motor? Is the motor physically different?

    Please advise. I need to know before I order.

  6. Hello Tony i want this set up for my kids mx500 what’s the price and what do I need how much modification dose it take and wire diagrams included ?

    • Hello Oscar,

      We have motor and controller. You need to upgrade your battery. The bike original throttle and braking device is ok to keep. The controller has wiring diagrams. You can check here for the controller and motor details.2kw controller and 2kw motor

  7. Do you have a 36V version of this? Slightly lower power is ok, but was try to not have to add a fourth battery.

  8. Good day,
    We are looking at doing the Sasol Solar Challenge next year September 2016 here in South Africa. We would like to have the Power, Torque, Voltage, RPM and Efficiency curves of the 1500W, 48V high 5600 RPM motor to see if it will fit our application. Further what is the cost and quantities of these units and what controllers are available for these units, and do they have a re-generation option available.

  9. We are looking for high quality supplier of brushless motor and controller + other
    parts for our new Design Monobuggy Golf Scooter. Please contact me by e-mail
    and send your INFO (Photo, spec. and contact person)

  10. Hello, We need to know if your motor BM481500, can go over 70Km/h, and too this have a reverse power. We need this kind motor for a trike bike, (Recumbent)

    Please, send us more information

    Best Regards

    Francisco Fernandez

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