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emb 6 inch gear motor
  • Model: WCH6D
  • Price: USD165

6 inch brushless gear hub motor with emb,24v 180w, max speed 8km/h, dual shaft, it is good for 3 wheels electric mobility scooter or wheelchair. We also have single shaft 6 inch wheelchair motor.

1) Motor phase cable: Yellow : U,– Green : V, Blue : W.
2) EMB Brake wires: White : “B+ “8.5-24V, Gray : “B-“ suggest 12V.
3)motor Hall Sensor wires: Black : hall sensors GND, Red : hall sensors 5V, Blue : Hall W, Green Hall V ,Yellow : Hall u.

6 inch electric wheelchair motor
6 inch emb hub motor
6 inch dual shaft electric wheelchair motor drawing
6 inch single shaft electric wheelchair motor wires

If you like a completed kit for electric wheelchair or mobility scooter using this dual shaft 6 inch motor, we have the following one, the controller has emb braking wires and the throttle has a key lock for power on/off and also reverse switch button.

electric mobility scooter kit