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6 inch gear drum brake hub motor
  • Model: YQ-6DU
  • Price: USD135

This 6 inch drum brake geared hub motor is very durable, it can work under 30A current from 24v-48v battery, please noted the defual version rated voltage is 24v 180w,8km/h, if you use on 36v or 48v battery, it brings you more power and torque but also higher speed. We can customize this gear motor as per your request. We also have a 6 inch gearless drum brake motor.

Voltage:12V 24V 36V 48VElectric motors:Brushless dc motor
Tire type:Solid RubberColour:Silver
Structure:Permanent MagnetTorque:10~35Nm
Rated voltage:12/24/36/48VRated Power (Watts):65-180/180-250/250-350/250-500
Speed:5-25km/hSpeed (RPM):100-600rpm
Wheel type:Aluminium materialScope of application:Scooter,Recreational vehicle,Electric bicycle
Length:152mmNet Weight (Kg):2.9
Gross Weight (kg):3.2Effectiveness:75-86%
Production:Jiangsu ChinaRim size: 6 inch
Product Features:

Waterproof,Totally Enclosed Small volume, light weight, large torque, high efficiency, stable performance, cost-effective superi

6 inch gear drum brake motor
24v 180w drum brake motor
180w 6 inch drum brake hub motor
6 inch drum brake drawing

This 6 inch gear drum 24v 8km/h brushless dc hub motor sample can be buy from our online store here https://www.uumotor.com/ws/p/6km-h-6-inch-brushless-geared-hub-motor/. You may also find a suitable brushless motor controller from us.

29 responses to “6 inch drum brake geared hub motor”

  1. I don’t have a comment but a question. Would like to know the size with out the TYRE. I have to remove the tyre for my project. I would buy your unit: Motor, controller, LCD readout, but need the outside diameter of the of the RIM.

  2. Hi tony,
    i would like to enquire this motor specification on this 24v , 180W.
    I would need the data sheet of this motor hub 6 inch and wiring diagram of this motor. How do i customize the speed control.
    Does it comes with Hall sensor and motor controller?If there isn’t , i would like to add them into my cart with the motor.

    What is the fastest shipping options to Singapore that you can provide ?
    please email me

  3. Is this the number of revolutions of the CCW of the motor is the same as the number of revolutions of the CW?

  4. Hello,
    I need this kit with a 65mm dropout size, to upgrade my go motorboard.
    I’m quite heavy (100Kg) and I need good up-hill capability.
    Can you make the right kit for me? At which price, shipping to France?
    I ve got a spare 12000mAh 2C 8S2P lipoly battery (29.6V) will it be enough to power it?

  5. I’d like to add all wheel drive to my kick scooter. E-braking ability would be great. Any idea of an appropriate controller to drive 2 of these hub motors?
    Is this hub motor within a solid tire or air-filled? What is the tire composition?

    • Hello Ben,

      For the motor is hollow tire, the tire is solid and inner has holes. For the controller, we suggest two motors to use 2 controllers.

  6. Hello,

    I am looking for motors with certain specifications for a new project. By any chance does this hub motor have planetary gears inside? If so, what is the ratio of these gears?


  7. Is this motor “geared” or “gearless”?
    Does this motor have hall sensors or is it “sensorless”?
    Can you provide separate “free wheel” (wheel & rim). if so, with bearing/hub?

  8. How can I buy it if it´s not appering in the web shop?
    What comes with this hub motor?
    Does it comes with the controller and throttle?
    Could you provide the front wheel?
    Where is the pressure gauge to inflate the tire?
    How can I integrate two controllers to act two motors, with the same speed, at the same time? Do I need two batteries?
    Could you provide a entire kit, including the batteries (lithium-ion bottle type)?

    • Hi Guiherme,

      This 6inch small motor has not open to shop yet. This brushless motor is only motor, if you need controller and throttle or bank braking set, you need to buy them separately.

      • Dear Tony,

        Could you send to me the price of an entire kit:
        two hub motors + two front wheels + one controller for both hub motors + one throttle for both hub motors + one lithium-ion bottle battery for both hub motors (if possible because of current limit) + two bank braking set´s (do you have an electric brake so I can act both at the same time?)

        Could you delivery it to Brazil?

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