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15 inch scooter motor
  • Model: FLD15GD
  • Price: USD135

The motor is with 15×6.0-6 tubeless fat tire, brushless dc and gearless. The fast version 60km/h, we made this 15 inch scooter hub motor with 48v 1000w. It is a good electric scooters, small ATV, UTV or mower and so on. We have many other optional tires. It is also ok to be customized as a single shaft motor.

15 inch electric scooter hub motor specification as follows:
Brake mode:Disc-Brake
Tyre: vacuum off road tyre (15×6.0-6)
N.W.: 7.5kg(with tyre)
Diameter with tyre: 380MM
Rated voltage: 48V
Rated power:800W
No-load speed: 60km/h
No-load current: 0.4-1.4A
Efficiency: ≥84%

60km/h 15 inch hub motor
fat tire 15 inch 1000w scooter hub motor
48v 1000w electric scooter motor
15 inch hub motor drawing

11 responses to “Fat 60km/h 48v 1000w 15 inch scooter hub motor”

  1. Hey, I was wondering if this motor is good for an electric gocart I would be using two for the rear wheels and am worried about the torque. it will be claiming hills a potentially towing other gocarts would this be a good option I am worried about the torque of the motor operating at 48v.

  2. Im planning to do custom dual hub scooter. Utilizing two 48v 1000w Controller (maybe 1300w or 1500w if motor can handle) What speed should expect with this setup? I would like to achieve 30mph.

  3. Hello I am looking to make my electric moped 2 wheel drive the present wheel tire is 10 inch by 3 inch wide. I have a 1000 watt 48 volt controller. Do you have a hub wheel that would work? Thanks Al H

  4. Will this hub motor be ok for a 2 wheel scooter. Can this be used as a drive motor for the rear tire of a scooter. Can i connect this to a rear ‘ fork’ using both shaft ends ?

  5. Looking for a single wheel to push and pull a custom cage. The cage has golf cart type tires and with three total wheels. The outside two wheels are stationary and do not turn but the back middle tire turns and I would like to add power with a 15″ scooter motor. Can this handle a cage that could weigh 500 lbs. Can you put a controller on the steering bar to twist to go forward and twist opposite to go reverse?

    • Hello Rob, For the 500 lbs, this motor is not ok. This motor speed is fast, the torque is not big enough. We have this slow speed motor but it is for robots, but it is ok for a commone using also.

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