This TG8T2 motor is hall sensorless bldc motor, ver compact, only 45mm dropout size. we have 24v and 36v version versioin for sale.

Basic motor specification:
power: 180~350W
speed: 540~600rpm(20KM~25KM)
efficiency: ≥83%
wheel diameter: 8″(200mm)
net weight: ≤2.0kg
dropout size: 45mm
noise: <60dB
waterproof grade: IP54
brake:  e braking

We also have motor with controller kit here

TG8T2 TG8T2_3 TG8T2_2 TG8T2_1 Model VKA


17 thoughts on “compact thin 36v 350w hall sensorless 8 inch hub motor

  1. hi uu,

    is this the 250w or 350w motor? are the dimension for both the same? what the cost to ship to Singapore

  2. Hi UU Motor,
    I want to order 2 motors – 36v 350w hall sensorless 8 inch hub – to USA.
    Will this work with VESC?
    What is the cost.
    Thank you

  3. We are a Hong Kong & London company , making two types of vehicles , one is a scooter with front drive unit and the other is a traditional wheelchair with two rear drive motor . The scooter we would like a good speed of (20 mph) , with climbing capability of 15 degree gradient . The wheelchair can be 10mph with 15 degree climb . Can we use this 8″hub motor model for both uses ? If so , can you supply both with controller & accessories kit , one is by handle steering and the other is by joystick ? We can place an order of one each to make two for trial , then follow by order of 100 sets each time . Can you recommend other models for our use should the above wheel is unsuitable .

  4. Hello,
    How much would be shipping cost for France, for 2 hub motors model GT8T2 ?


  5. is this one on sale (24V version)? I can’t find it in the shop. Would be best fit for my 8” scooter. How much would shipping to Germany be?

  6. Hi ,

    What would be the total cost of the Model KIT8T2
    delivered to Sydney Australia.


  7. Hello, I’m intersted in a motor TG8T2 model, please answer the folowing questions:
    – What is the material of the tire? in weathering case, do you have a spare parts?
    -Do you have a complete kit to install in a scooter?
    – How is cost of one motor or kit, including the shipping tos spain.

    Thak you
    Eduardo Ariza

  8. Hello!
    How much would be shipping to Croatia? I’d like to make super-light last mile commuter for my wife and this seems to be the solution.

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